Sesenta: Open source tileable acoustic camera

Modular open-source microphone array for the development of acoustic camera, direction of arrival and beamforming algorithm exploration

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Sesenta is a tool for creation of acoustic cameras. Sesenta has a modular design. It consists of 2 parts: the microphone array and the control boards. Each array is a board with a lattice of 60 microphones designed to work in conjunction with other arrays (tile of arrays). A Sesenta array can work independently, but the ability to use it as a tile allows for an expanded range.

Within the scope of this project, no specific application is included. The goal is to build a tool for the creation of acoustic cameras, but the range of application areas is diverse. Some examples application areas:

Noise Pollution Monitoring:
   - Cities can monitor noise pollution using acoustic cameras. Noise pollution can adversely affect health and well-being. 

Wildlife Research & Conservation:

   - Acoustic monitoring can track animal migrations, detect the presence of specific species, and estimate population densities. This can be instrumental in conservation efforts.

Fault Detection:
   - Acoustic cameras can visualize sound sources, helping engineers detect faulty parts in machinery or infrastructure. 

Enhancing Renewable Energy Technologies:
   - Detect and monitor unwanted noise or vibrations from wind turbines or other renewable energy technologies, ensuring they are as efficient and unobtrusive as possible.

Automotive & Transportation:
   - Acoustic cameras can help car manufacturers design quieter vehicles or detect faults.
   - Can help monitor and manage traffic noise in busy areas.

   - acoustic cameras + AI algorithms can detect unusual activities, like glass breaking or unauthorized entry.

Assisting in Search and Rescue Operations:
   - In the event of natural disasters like earthquakes, acoustic cameras  might help locate trapped individuals by detecting faint cries for help.

Designed as tile.

As already mentioned, Sesenta was designed to be able to make array of arrays, here are some examples:

Triangle array: 180 microphones array (Sesenta x 3)

Hexagonal array: 420 microphones array (Sesenta x 7)

hexagonal array

Linear array: 360 microphones array (Sesenta x 6)
Linear array

step - 7.20 MB - 09/12/2023 at 12:21


  • 1 × Microphone array Array of SPH0641LU4H-1 MEMS microphones (with ultrasonic support)
  • 1 × FPGA Controller Zynq FPGA based ( XC7Z020)

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