The core is a board with integrated power supply and breadboard, which offers besides a slot for the microcontroller board also another slot for an expansion board - so called Featherwings. Of course, additional featherwings can be plugged onto the microcontroller board, provided that the microcontroller board is equipped with appropriate headers. Furthermore, an Ethernet module with the well-known W5500 Ethernet controller can be integrated.
Everything fits into a 6TE DIN rail housing, which is available with different front panels.


  • Top-hat rail housing with 6 module units size
  • PCB with plug-in option for Adafruit Feather Boards or Sparkfun Thingplus
  • slot for optional FeatherWing
  • additional exclusive slot for optional ethernet module
  • pre-assembled 5V switching regulator (input voltage 9..30V via separate supply terminal)
  • breadboard for own circuit parts
  • all GPIOs of the Featherboard are led out on labeled pins next to the breadboard
  •  2 additional 3pin terminals next to the breadboard for own circuits
  •  unused terminals are protected by breakout covers on delivery
  •  reset button onboard