Scary Sound Effect

Let's scare people in honour of the greatest holiday Samhain (halloween)

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I'll show both how to trigger the scary sound effect using an Arduino and then using a PCB and a standalone ATMEGA328 or ATMEGA168.



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video of it working

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  • Edited Some Instructions

    Kody Alan Rogers10/28/2023 at 02:17 0 comments

    I added a couple of photos to better explain the audio creation process.

    I also added a pennywise laugh sound effect to the arduino examples.

  • First Truly Working Version

    Kody Alan Rogers10/26/2023 at 02:38 1 comment

    Hey. I have just finished making the instructions for the first working version. They are admitedly not very good at the moment, but I will be working on them some through the weekend so that they will hopefully be better before the end of the Halloween 2023 competition. 

    The sole example on the GitHub is of a 'demonic woman screaming'. I will try to get some more up there quickly included the requested pennywise laugh.

    I will also be making a more proper schematic than the fritzing version, so that hopefully more documentation will make it all better.

    Other than that I hope you enjoy and feel free to add your own examples to the GitHub:

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  • 1
    Choose your scary audio.

    I have chosen mine by going through Pixibay, and chose Sound Effect by Charlie Raven from Pixabay.

  • 2
    Use audacity to downsample audio to 8khz

    You can use any audio processor but I used Audacity.

    Step one:

    Click Audio Set Up -> Select Audio Settings

    In audio settings change project sample rate to 8000hz.

    Step two:

    Export it as an MP3 and force export to mono

  • 3
    Use an Audio Encoder made by High-Low Tech to create the Arduino variable

    Found towards the bottom of this article That article is also a great resource for making projects like this so I would recommend reading the whole thing.

    Copy the output of that encoder and paste it into the variable sample[] PROGMEM on line 4 of the program.

    Photo of my terminal when running the encoder.

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