Hello friends this time I have made a arduino based label dispensing machine

I have used stepper motor and IR sensor in this project.

I also used a custom-made PCB in this project.

This project is great learning for 3D printing, Mechanics, electronics and programming

Label dispensing is a critical point in many industries like, E-comerce, FMCG, automobile and many more.

if you have small or large business you definitely preparing parcel of you final goods to dispatched.

for that parcel, you definitely need a label sticker to paste on the parcel. it may be a warning, invoice, receipt, or thanks for shopping wish.

Imagine you have hundreds of parcel to dispatch and manually pealing label one by one is very tough job to do.

So here my this auto label dispenser machine can help you to dispense label for you. and make our dispatch prosses fast




Arduino Nano:

  • The Arduino Nano is a compact microcontroller board that serves as the project's brain. It's the central control unit responsible for executing the desired actions based on input and programming.

Nema 17 Stepper Motor:

  • The Nema 17 stepper motor is a powerful, precise motor used for controlled motion in your project. It's often used in applications requiring accurate positioning, like 3D printers and CNC machines.

A4988 Stepper Motor Driver:

  • The A4988 stepper motor driver is an essential component for driving the Nema 17 motor. It interprets signals from the Arduino and controls the motor's movement, providing the necessary power and precision.

20 x 20 Aluminium Profile:

  • The 20 x 20 aluminum profile is a structural element that forms the framework for your project. It provides stability and a rigid structure to support various components and ensure proper alignment.

3D Printed Parts:

  • 3D printed parts are custom-designed components created using additive manufacturing technology. These parts are unique to your project and serve specific functions, such as mounting brackets or enclosures.

5mm Smooth SS Rod:

  • The 5mm smooth stainless steel (SS) rod may be used as a linear guide or structural support element in your project, offering smooth and low-friction motion for certain components.

8mm Smooth SS Rod:

  • The 8mm smooth stainless steel rod serves a similar purpose as the 5mm version but with a larger diameter, providing increased load-bearing capacity and stability.

8mm Pillow Bearing:

  • The 8mm pillow bearing is a type of bearing that supports the smooth rods, reducing friction and ensuring the smooth movement of parts along the rods.

8mm Timing Belt Pulley:

  • The 8mm timing belt pulley is used to transfer rotational motion from the motor to linear motion or other components in your project. It works in conjunction with a timing belt.

8mm ID Toothed Pulley:

  • This pulley with teeth on the inner diameter is used in conjunction with a toothed belt or gear system to provide precise motion control, often for applications like 3D printers and CNC machines.

5mm ID Toothed Pulley:

  • Similar to the 8mm toothed pulley, the 5mm ID toothed pulley is used for more precise motion control with components like the 5mm smooth SS rod and timing belts.

SK8 Shaft Holder:

  • The SK8 shaft holder is a component used to secure the smooth rods or shafts in place, ensuring they remain properly aligned and fixed in the desired position.

IR Sensor:

  • The IR (Infrared) sensor is an electronic component that can detect and respond to infrared light. It may be used in your project for sensing objects or providing input based on proximity or presence.

These components are integral to your electronics DIY project, serving various functions such as control, motion, structural support, and sensing, depending on the project's specific requirements.

  1. Arduino Nano
  2. Nema 17 stepper motor
  3. A4988 Stepper motor driver
  4. 20 x 20 Aluminium profile
  5. some 3D printed parts
  6. 5mm smooth SS rod
  7. 8mm smooth SS rod
  8. 8mm pillow bearing
  9. 8mm timing belt pulley
  10. 8mm ID teethed pulley
  11. 5mm ID...
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