Hello friends in this video I have made something unique, CT Scan machine toy. using arduino and some motors.

I have imitate the mechanical function of CT Scan or MRI machine how table slide inside the tunnel how magnetic resonance disc rotate around the table.

I have also added a small screen for more fun I have displayed a series of images on display so it will look more amazing.

This is not at all near to a real CT scan Machine this is just a science toy made for fun.

First, we will see what is CT Scan machine

A CT scan machine, or computed tomography scanner, is a medical imaging device that uses X-rays to create detailed cross-sectional images of the body. It provides a more comprehensive and detailed view of internal structures than traditional X-ray images.

Here's how a CT scan machine works:

1. X-ray Generation:** The CT scanner consists of an X-ray tube and detectors that are placed on opposite sides of the rotating gantry. The patient lies on a motorized table that moves through the gantry.

2. X-ray Beams and Detectors:** The X-ray tube emits a series of narrow beams that pass through the body. Detectors on the opposite side of the patient measure the amount of radiation that makes it through the body.

3. Data Acquisition:** As the gantry rotates around the patient, multiple X-ray projections are obtained from different angles. These projections are converted into digital signals by the detectors.

4. Computer Processing:** A computer processes the digital signals and uses mathematical algorithms to reconstruct detailed cross-sectional images, or slices, of the body. These slices can be viewed individually or stacked to create a 3D representation.

CT scans are valuable in diagnosing a variety of conditions and injuries, including:

- Trauma:** Detecting injuries to bones, organs, and soft tissues.

- Cancer:** Identifying and locating tumors.

- Vascular Imaging:** Examining blood vessels and blood flow.

- Infections:** Locating and characterizing infections.

- Internal Bleeding:** Identifying sources of internal bleeding.

CT scans are versatile and widely used in medical settings for their ability to provide detailed images of internal structures. However, they do involve exposure to ionizing radiation, so healthcare professionals carefully weigh the benefits against the risks when recommending CT scans. In some cases, alternative imaging techniques, such as MRI or ultrasound, may be considered based on the specific clinical requirements.


Here is the brief list of material List.

  • Slotted channel 1 mtr
  • Brass 40mm stud
  • 3D printed parts
  • grove bearing
  • GT2 belt
  • N20 micro gear motor
  • Custom PCB
  • 9mm linear bearing
  • 6mm Acrylic
  • Nema 17 stepper motor

The material list comprises various components essential for building a mechanical or electronic system. Here's a brief note on each item:

1. Slotted Channel (1 meter):** Slotted channels are versatile structural elements with slots for attaching other components. They provide a modular framework for constructing support structures or frames in various applications.

2. Brass 40mm Stud:** A brass stud is a cylindrical rod with threaded ends, typically 40mm in length. It is commonly used for joining or securing components in mechanical assemblies.

3. 3D Printed Parts:** 3D printed parts are customized components created using additive manufacturing technology. They offer design flexibility and can be tailored to specific shapes and sizes for various functions in a project.

4. Groove Bearing:** Groove bearings are designed to handle radial and axial loads, commonly used in rotating shafts. They come in various sizes and types, providing support and reducing friction in mechanical systems.

5. GT2 Belt:** The GT2 belt is a type of timing belt with a specific tooth profile (GT2 profile). It is often used in conjunction with pulleys to transfer motion accurately in 3D printers, CNC machines, and other...

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