Radiation Hardened On Board Computer CubeSatellite

Radiation Hardened On Board Computer for Cube Satellite. Uses dual lockstep TMS570 MCU SIL 3, DSP, radiation hardened MRAM,external Watchdog

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I designed an On Board Computer for a Cube Satellite with Altium Designer.
The 6 Layer PCB has:
* 1 x Dual Lockstep MCU TMS570
* 1 x DSP TMS320 for RF
* 2 x Hardware Watchdog Timers
* 1 x Differential ADC
* 1 x Differential DAC
* 2 x Radiation hardened magnetoresistive RAM
* 1 x Temperature sensor
* 2 x Gyroscope Accelerometer
* 2 x Magnetometer
* 1 x GPS
* 1 x Temperature Compensated Voltage Controlled Oscillator


Schematics for PCB

Adobe Portable Document Format - 4.80 MB - 02/09/2024 at 21:11


PCB Files for Altium Designer

Zip Archive - 12.34 MB - 02/09/2024 at 21:03


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mdede439 wrote 03/03/2024 at 19:38 point

Very impressive.  Are you also doing the software for this? 

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Brosnan Yuen wrote 03/06/2024 at 21:15 point

Thanks, I used SafeRTOS because it supports IEC 61508-3 SIL 3 and ISO 26262 ASIL D.

I configured 2 watchdog tasks. 

One task keeps on feeding a heartbeat signal to the external hardware watchdog.

The other task checks for the completion of critical tasks and if a task fails it will terminate the task or do a cold reboot.

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Dimitar wrote 02/11/2024 at 09:27 point

Does GPS work in space? Most of the modules I found these days are limited both on speed and  altitude.

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brandon.talbot1985 wrote 02/12/2024 at 18:21 point

GPS can be used in orbit. Not just any old GPS will work though. ITAR for example is a regulation of GPS use in these scenario's that comes into play as well.

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Brosnan Yuen wrote 02/15/2024 at 03:09 point

If your satellite is below the GPS satellites, then it will work without any problems.

Consumer grade GPS will not work because there are speed regulations set by ITAR.

You need to have a special GPS that has the speed regulations disabled

Alternatively, you can use magnetometers and star trackers to get your absolute position. Every location on Earth has a unique magnetic field strength and you can use it to determine absolute position. Also, star trackers are good because you can just track which stars you can see and compare it to a star map to get the absolute position.

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malvasio wrote 02/10/2024 at 16:40 point

specs ?

since 2017 ?

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Brosnan Yuen wrote 02/11/2024 at 00:28 point

I posted the Schematics and Altium Projec FIles

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