ISH: Summit Illumination

DIY Light shows and long-exposure paintings

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Connect LED controllers (labeled "Vertex") to a primary controller (named "Apex") to control light shows as a global lighting effect canvas, or just let them run wild autonomously.

Together they form an illumination system that I will just call "Summit" because it is easier to refer to the project that way.

ISH stands for "it stays here" to indicate that i honestly don't know yet what to do with this project other than show it's current state, whatever it may be, to people and maybe share some things other may find useful.

I'm fascinated by light shows and flashy installations on concerts and how they blink in sync with music and all. 

I've also been into long-exposure photography for a while, whilst cobbling together contraptions to "paint" pictures in front of a camera in the dark.

So, naturally, I'd eventually need some tools that do not fall apart and that scratch that bright itch of mine, and this project is basically what happens when there is almost too much spare time to make things come true.

Fun things first - this is what the project was able to do at it's latest state.

I will imediately spoil the magic - there is no AI and no clever procedural generation on the fly.

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All of the STLs that were used to build a mini scene out of WS2812 modules

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  • Initial commit

    mkdxdx05/12/2024 at 22:17 0 comments

    Project was created in shelved state - I no longer work on it and whatever it had is a result achieved in the past. 

    Maybe I will eventually give it a proper revision, but for now this is how it is.

    I will probably also post some code repos that run the show and will provide STLs and all other files related to it later.

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