thingSoC Grovey GPIO

The thingSoC Grovey GPIO provides additional Input/Outputs with the ability to turn your Grove peripherals power on and off as well.

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The TSOC_GROVEY_GPIO is based on the Semtech SX1509 I2C GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) device, and provides sixteen (16) additional I/O pins, in the form of four (4) Grove
Systems connectors, with individual power control and color LED for each channel.

The TSOC_GROVEY_GPIO allows you to connect thingSoC, Mikrobus, and/or Grove System Modules all at the same time, with any processor module. This gives you maximum flexibility for sensor and actuator selection, and reuse. The TSOC_GROVEY_GPIO can operate at either 3.3 Volts or 5 Volts, and can also level translate 3.3 Volt signals for 5 Volt peripherals when needed.

The thingSoC "Grovey Series" were designed as "Everyday Electronics", a no-frills, low cost, approach to modular embedded product design. thingSoC boards are similar in size to most break-out-boards (BOBs), but feature a standardized stacking pinout that is compatible with hundreds of existing peripherals.

thingSoC Grovey GPIO board
thingSoC Grovey GPIO board

Want a thingSoC Grovey GPIO board?

;-) Tom


  • 1 × thingsoc
  • 1 × arduino
  • 1 × sx1509 Sensors / Acceleration

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    Complete Instructions, schematics, layout, gerbers, bill of materials are available in the github repository.

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