339.1k 5.1k 74 1.4k
Intelligent home automation hardware and software on a budget which utilizes a full home personal digital assistant and electricity savings
167.5k 2.7k 199 1.2k
Python-powered machine vision modules
Project Owner Contributor



101.2k 2.1k 87 715
Science in your hand. A pocket-sized instrument capable of visualizing and exploring the world around you.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source Science Tricorder

peter jansen

96.5k 1.5k 98 710
LoFi is a very low cost ($5), small, auto-transmitting module. Preassembled and preprogrammed. Simply attach to your appliances or projects!
Project Owner Contributor


David Cook

82.4k 508 143 298
Fast RPi WiFi without USB
Project Owner Contributor

RPi WiFi


48.3k 398 69 286
LiFePO4 battery / UPS / power manager for Raspberry Pi
Project Owner Contributor


Patrick Van Oosterwijck

63k 574 75 230
A "dataless" Wi-Fi positioning system that can be used anywhere GPS can't.
Project Owner Contributor

SubPos Positioning System


20.2k 403 26 180
An open-source "smart watch" that can be built from easily available parts, and assembled by hand. Designed for hackers
Project Owner Contributor


Jared Sanson

54.3k 1.7k 25 175
Low cost mesh network, using cheap and readily available components
Project Owner Contributor

MicroMesh - IoT Mesh Network

Giles Burgess

25.8k 191 34 168
Low power Arduino based (smart)watch
Project Owner Contributor



15.4k 402 24 156
A WiFi Security Swiss Army Knife
Project Owner Contributor


Daniel Grießhaber

44.9k 278 33 149
Monitoring soil moisture at different depths to determine when to irrigate, and - more importantly - how much water is needed. Save 25%!
40.5k 218 81 146
yet another portable console! ;-) roughly the size of a gameboy micro, with a 2.2" display
Project Owner Contributor



20.2k 1.2k 15 135
A solar energy system up to 500W in power for use with lithium batteries.
Project Owner Contributor

Solar Energy Generator

Nathaniel VerLee

20.5k 849 35 131
Build your own nervous system!
Project Owner Contributor



18k 597 12 120
Slim, wireless, self-contained. No special paper, no base station.
Project Owner Contributor

NoteOn Smartpen

Nick Ames

26.9k 983 18 110
An open source hydroponic garden control, monitoring, and grow system with cloud database and dashboard.
Project Owner Contributor


Adam Vadala-Roth

15.7k 130 24 107
This is a low cost module to add VGA and keyboard connectivity to retro computer, development board or embedded computer via serial port.
Project Owner Contributor

Low Cost VGA Terminal Module

K.C. Lee

13.4k 500 26 98
Uses different wavelengths of light to shine through the skin in order to determine the amount of glucose present in the user's blood.
13.3k 195 9 93
Building a downsized replica of Tim's brilliant Nanite 85 board
Project Owner Contributor

A even smaller Nanite


31.6k 131 17 93
Why have a Happy Hacking Keyboard when you can have an Unhappy Hacking Keyboard. Real programmers only need a 1 and 0 key.
Project Owner Contributor

Unhappy Hacking Keyboard


15.9k 100 27 92
NEDONAND is 8-bit homebrew computer entirely built out of many 74F00 chips (2-input NAND gates)
Project Owner Contributor

NEDONAND homebrew computer


7k 394 7 84
Acquire EEG, ECG, EMG (medical instrument) signals while rejecting AC coupled noise
Project Owner Contributor

Biopotential Signal Library

Paul Stoffregen

10.7k 161 32 81
A digital clock built with Diode-Diode Logic (DDL), a quirky new logic family using only common diodes and passive components.
Project Owner Contributor

The Diode Clock

Ted Yapo

18.9k 146 39 80
Resurrecting a Psion Series 5 PDA with modern innards
Project Owner Contributor



16.9k 126 82 79
A contest to create awesome, useful square inch boards. Entries are closed.
Project Owner Contributor

The Square Inch Project


4.4k 255 18 79
Displaying the time on 8x8 pixels.
Project Owner Contributor

Micro Word Clock

Daniel Rojas

6.8k 459 24 77
A tiny wireless capsule camera for medical imaging or space-constrained environments
Project Owner Contributor

Tiny Wireless Capsule Camera

Ryan Bailey

16.8k 161 21 75
An open source low-resolution desktop CT scanner
Project Owner Contributor


peter jansen

10.1k 281 11 75
The SubPos Ranger allows you to accurately measure distance or obtain your position indoors for all hobbyist robotics applications.
Project Owner Contributor

SubPos Ranger


12.1k 138 20 74
Open Source Arduino controlled counter-top garden for growing vegetables, herbs, or greens for sustainable foods right in your own home.
Project Owner Contributor

Urban Kitchen Garden

Eric Wiiliam

8.6k 342 15 73
Gas sensor "grenade" that may save lives instead of taking them. The sensor can be thrown into dangerous areas to remotely report levels
11.7k 421 4 73
A solar powered wireless picopower sensor module with cloud Datalogging and control geared towards plant and environmental monitoring
Project Owner Contributor


Adam Vadala-Roth

9.6k 160 21 70
Chocometer is an open source near infrared sensor aiming glucose measurements without pain.
Project Owner Contributor



11.7k 135 12 69
LiFePO4 battery technology, made easy for makers
Project Owner Contributor


Patrick Van Oosterwijck

10.7k 294 25 69
Design and build a simple, inexpensive, and manufacturable remote indicator for the most common type of mechanical water meter in use today.
Project Owner Contributor

Remote Water Consumption Display

John Schuch

15.8k 750 7 67
Professional quality, 24 bit, 192kHz audio breakout board for Teensy 3.x, Raspberry Pi, and more.
14.4k 223 8 62
The Open Source Car Tool
Project Owner Contributor


Eric Evenchick

14.8k 708 17 60
Hidden sensors in every light switch
16.8k 589 16 59
Codename Hardpass: A Password Manager on the Raspberry Pi Zero...suffering featuritis.
5.8k 1.2k 6 59
Creating a four legged robot with a running bound gait.
Project Owner Contributor

Mr. Runner

Alex Martin

5k 299 15 59
30ml jam jars hopefully turned into beautiful LED displays - nixietube like looking without the higher voltage fuzz - fake LED nixietubes
Project Owner Contributor

fixietube clock


12.1k 101 20 58
itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny fully autonomous quadcopter
Project Owner Contributor

quadcopter in one inch


16.6k 791 45 58
Embedded BASIC interpreter for CC2540 and CC2541 Bluetooth LE modules
Project Owner Contributor

BlueBasic: BASIC for Bluetooth

Tim Wilkinson

4.6k 68 5 58
this board have unique compact design and is easy to assembly +SD card reader +RGB led +Touch pad +User button
5k 68 26 57
The Simplest Way To Start Playing With A Fascinating New Low-Power Screen!
Project Owner Contributor

Teensy E-Paper Adapter Board


15.2k 93 7 57
Google's $1300 Chromebook Pixel has an awesome screen. i only want the screen.
6.3k 131 23 57
Build a $1 per Watt parallelizable MPPT controller, without cutting corners.
Project Owner Contributor

$1/W True MPPT

Jonathan Bruneau

7.6k 839 22 56
A BT/NFC bone-conduction audio device that transmits sound directly to the auditory nerve through the skull. Music for the deaf & disabled.
5.2k 289 4 56
A wireless analog/digital multitool & data recorder
Project Owner Contributor


Pierce Nichols

11.1k 293 8 55
A complete Arduino environment in a DIL-8 form factor based on the DigiSpark Hardware
Project Owner Contributor


Daniel Grießhaber

22.3k 141 19 54
A simple inexpensive Wifi Button!
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 Dash Button


17.3k 122 9 53
A circuit you can place inline with your existing low voltage lights to allow for wireless control
Project Owner Contributor

ESPLux - Smarts for your downlights


9.5k 896 16 53
Embedded Machine Vision for Robots and Drones
Project Owner Contributor



5.3k 452 6 52
The Tinusaur is a small board with ATtiny85 microcontroller and the minimum components to run properly plus shield headers and a battery
Project Owner Contributor

The Tinusaur

Neven Boyanov

27.1k 470 27 51
CANBUS adapter for the Raspberry Pi
Project Owner Contributor



16.2k 75 14 50
I stole from every one. The huzza from Adafruit. Matts breakout board. Al1s board from here. NodeMCUs DevKit.
Project Owner Contributor

Ignore this ESP8266 board


6.2k 178 9 49
Wearable Navigation Assistance for the Blind
Project Owner Contributor

Pathfinder - Haptic Navigation

Neil Movva

7.2k 741 2 49
CD quality sound processing, integrated with Arduino sketches
Project Owner Contributor

Teensy Audio Library

Paul Stoffregen

7.5k 264 1 49
An alarm clock that provides dawn simulation using your rooms existing lighting
Project Owner Contributor

Integrated Room Sunrise Simulator


22.9k 143 17 49
A DIY GPS disciplined 10 MHz reference clock
Project Owner Contributor

GPS Disciplined xCXO

Nick Sayer

5.4k 64 23 49
Teensy 3.5 & NCR 5380 based SCSI device emulator.
Project Owner Contributor

Tiny SCSI Emulator

David Kuder

14.6k 124 3 48
This is a Breakout board for the Lepton Thermal Camera Module.
8.8k 234 4 47
Replicate an Apple-1. Or an OSI Challenger. Or something else. Design your own 6502 computer by programming it.
6.1k 562 19 47
The physical keyboard for virtual reality.
Project Owner Contributor


Owen Trueblood

5.5k 110 5 47
A compact Bluetooth device that acts as a safety net for sleeping type 1 diabetics, detecting hypoglycaemia and calling for help.
9.5k 97 6 46
Based on the stm32f4 cortex-m4 mcu, 1.44" TFT LCD , HC-05 and Android App.
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source Smart Watch


2.3k 102 5 46
A credit card sized e-paper device, featuring an ATmega32U4, coin cell Li-Ion battery and charger, real-time clock, buttons, USB, and more!
Project Owner Contributor



9.4k 1.2k 1 46
An analog gauge to show your computer's CPU utilization
Project Owner Contributor

Analog CPU Gauge

Adam Fabio

7.5k 120 2 45
This project aims at building a rather simple yet useful bench power supply for everyday tinkering.
7.2k 64 13 45
Design of a UV printer for making exposures of Alternative Photography prints, direct from a digital image
4.8k 395 11 45
Keychain USB multiple password manager/generator/injector
Project Owner Contributor

Key Pass


11.3k 324 17 44
Small audio interface for adding a digital channel to an analog mixer.
Project Owner Contributor

Square Inch USB Sound Card

Jacob Creedon

4.5k 39 18 43
This device is supposed to fit on a breadboard and show measured voltage. It supports autoranging (sort of...) and shows voltage polarity.
Project Owner Contributor

Small voltmeter


2.7k 76 25 42
In the true spirit of Star Trek, this communicator badge is completely autonomous, while fitting in the form factor of an original badge
Project Owner Contributor

Star Trek Communicator Badge


4k 56 0 42
Inspired by Dan Berards scanning tunneling microscope (STM),i´m trying to build one,too.Progress,fails and achievements will be shown here
Project Owner Contributor

DIY Scanning tunneling microscope


15.4k 116 28 41
automotive parameter & performance monitor & logger
Project Owner Contributor


Michael O'Brien

2.6k 52 0 41
The USB Tester makes it easy to monitor the current and voltage of any USB device (and non USB).
Project Owner Contributor

USB Tester


9.2k 81 5 41
Every Day Carry bit flipper
Project Owner Contributor

Tiny Bit Dingus


7.2k 55 50 40
Sixteen different LED colors on a teeny tiny board.
Project Owner Contributor



13.3k 67 17 40
Not as bulky as the nucleo boards, after all.
Project Owner Contributor

STM32F030F4P6 breakout board


3.8k 436 9 39
A real-time programmable cartridge for the Commodore 64
Project Owner Contributor

C64 Flash Cart

Stian Soreng

1.4k 354 7 38
Pushing the limits of tiny robotics - MiniPIDDY is a miniturized version of my PIDDYbot - a Self Balancing Robot.
6.2k 144 23 38
Low-cost, open-source "sip-and-puff" interface to enable new methods of expression for people with and without limited mobility.
Project Owner Contributor


Jason Webb

9.7k 175 13 38
The aim of this project is to make a desktop cnc machine with at least A3 working area (420x297 mm), Z < 100mm with sub 300 EUR budget.
3.5k 41 27 37
Remake of the TIL311 hex LED display with recent technology.
Project Owner Contributor



1.4k 37 0 37
Simple, low cost environmental sensors, to measure the dampest NZ houses.
6.2k 34 9 36
ultra thin custom display ... only 6 gpio for 30 leds
6.8k 47 9 36
Inexpensive Open Source BLE smartwach compatible with Arduino tooling
Project Owner Contributor


Mar Bartolome

4.8k 45 8 35
Have a mechanical keyboard? You need a Hackaday keycap.
Project Owner Contributor

Hackaday Cherry MX Keycaps


2.2k 55 42 35
Y ur servos so dumb?
Project Owner Contributor

Ensmarten Your Servos

Radomir Dopieralski

4.3k 53 9 34
Smart, Wi-Fi manged 6x USB port Power Meter with 4x port USB 2.0 hub, 2x charging ports with touch 2.4" LCD
8.6k 55 3 34
Using a Pi Zero, I want to create a cheap keyboard interface and graphics card for my RC2014 homebrew computer
Project Owner Contributor

$5 Graphics Card For Homebrew Z80


5.4k 376 6 34
Battery powered wireless UART Terminal for your Pi Zero(and others)
8k 139 10 34
Wearable breakout boards. Flex Modules have 2.54mm castellations for breadboard and solder on to wearable flexible PCBs
Project Owner Contributor

Flex Modules

Chris Hamilton

2k 199 3 34
A dedicated HAB platform with 2-way communications via that can be used to experiment low cost space launch technologies.
Project Owner Contributor

The Rockoon


5.4k 26 3 34
A device for removing your completed prints by punching them with a boxing glove
Project Owner Contributor

Automatic Print Ejector


5.3k 103 8 33
Modernization of the Apollo Guidance Computer
Project Owner Contributor

Open Source DSKY

Viva Penguinos

5.2k 52 22 33
Scrolling LED display on your wrist
Project Owner Contributor

ScrolLED watch

Vikas V

11.5k 49 8 33
Similar to the vga666 board, but re-designed for the Pi Zero.
3.2k 1.1k 17 33
Small, easy to use, cheap ZigBee developement board for the internet of things.
Project Owner Contributor

NANDfarm => RFarmer

Radu Constantin

2.6k 265 24 33
Timstock Slim is a simple tool that helps autistic children to tell them when a task is finished or when it's time for something to happen!
5.2k 695 2 32
A single-board computer kit with a 6502 controlled by a Propeller.
2k 566 8 32
Unfolding CubeSat rover. Mission: construction on Mars & re-construction after natural disasters on Earth. Tele-op Headband control.
4.1k 48 10 31
$5 WiFi for the Pi Zero without using USB
Project Owner Contributor



11.9k 188 1 31
An MPC style MIDI controller featuring a 4x4 FSR matrix and based on Teensy 3.0, fully compatible with the Teensy Audio Adaptor Board
10.4k 224 17 31
Solving a key farming problem: is it safe to harvest / spray / sow today? (+experiments with 'big' data in agriculture)
Project Owner Contributor



10.6k 311 3 30
A replacement controller for Lavet stepper clock movements
Project Owner Contributor

Crazy Clock

Nick Sayer

4.8k 645 8 30
This project is aMicroUSB powered ESP8266 Oled Display. It can be used to display Weather Information or Wifi SSID Information.
Project Owner Contributor

MicroUSB powered ESP8266 Oled Board


7.1k 73 13 30
The smallest wireless IMU - Dime sized, ARM Cortex M0+ with 9-DoF IMU, temperature and altimeter. Supports ZigBee and Mesh networking.
Project Owner Contributor



2.6k 269 11 29
Millions of young athletes get concussions each year and 50% go undiagnosed, leading to brain injury. Impact detects these events early.
Project Owner Contributor


Hunter Scott

4.4k 341 15 29
Digitabulum is an open motion-capture glove that was intended to be a full-featured, hacker-friendly user-input and sensor platform.
5.1k 205 5 29
Malti is a low cost open source handheld Linux platform that makes experimenting with and learning about electronics easier
Project Owner Contributor


Jeremy Van

5.6k 52 1 29
Designed to replace the kerosene lamps with solar-powered ones
Project Owner Contributor


Debasish Dutta

8.5k 50 17 29
A small cubiform stackable development platform.
Project Owner Contributor

Short Stack

Charles Aylward

1.2k 60 4 28
A 'duino especially for putting in projects.
Project Owner Contributor



9.3k 390 35 28
It seems as if everyone is making their own hubs for their Pi Zero these days.
Project Owner Contributor

(One More) Raspberry Pi Zero USB Hub


4.2k 490 5 28
The wireless customizable low-cost home automation solution
Project Owner Contributor

Cumulus Wireless Sensor Platform


2.6k 385 18 28
small seven segment display for plugging on an ISP programming header of an Atmel Board or an Arduino
Project Owner Contributor



4.5k 183 14 27
Solar powered Bluetooth Low Energy Tracker with beeper and LED to assist in locating it.
Project Owner Contributor

Sol BLE Tracker


750 24 9 27
This is an attempt to create some hardware that may help to learn digital electronics and will be cheap enough
Project Owner Contributor

Educational TTL


3.7k 37 11 27
This board is for prototyping electrotactile interactions - use an electronic signal to dynamically change the texture of a surface.
Project Owner Contributor

WEFT electrovibration demo board


3.1k 84 4 27
A USB DAC with a 3-W x 2 amplifier
Project Owner Contributor

USB DAC with amplifier

Andreas Dahlberg

1.9k 29 2 26
Program an STM32L4 Cortex M4F with the Arduino IDE via USB
2.7k 49 11 26
Do you remember those star wars ewoks movies? This is the device the Towani Family were wearing in those movies, showing their lifesigns.
7.5k 42 0 26
Battery powered remote display for logging station
Project Owner Contributor

Wireless remote LCD


6.6k 324 24 26
Eventually, someone will make one even smaller. Please let me know when this is no longer the World's Tiniest 4x4x4 RGB LED Cube :-(
4.4k 84 3 25
A networked 1-wire controller
Project Owner Contributor



1k 139 3 25
Play retro color 8 bit games on your TV from an Arduino.
Project Owner Contributor



6.4k 1.1k 4 25
Add a soft-power switch to your Raspberry Pi
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi - PSU


1.2k 41 14 25
charlie-plexed 11x10 LED matrix, perfect fit for a word clock. Also LEDs soldered on upside down.
Project Owner Contributor

PCB word clock


3.8k 26 18 25
This is where I build and talk about projects designed by the great people of this community.
4.4k 1.4k 6 25
A FPGA based ambilight clone with analog input.
Project Owner Contributor



8k 317 9 25
A wireless nautical chart plotter based on a Raspberry Pi and a sunlight readable screen.
Project Owner Contributor

Pi Chart

Erland Lewin

3.6k 1.3k 6 24
Easily scalable home automation solution using RF SoC
5.9k 679 1 24
SBHT is a data/digital voice radio capable of greater than 4 watts of power initially on the VHF Ham bands.
Project Owner Contributor


Shane Burrell

6.2k 75 2 24
A networked flux capacitor status indicator.
Project Owner Contributor

Wireless Flux Capacitor


7.2k 910 5 24
A Stereo speaker with SPDIF, analog and Bluetooth inputs and DSP
Project Owner Contributor

A better Bluetooth Speaker


2k 64 4 23
A tilt and touch activated wristwatch using a "retro" style bubble 7 segment display.
Project Owner Contributor

Tilt Touch Time


2.2k 195 45 23
Open source POV bike lights controlled by Android over Bluetooth
Project Owner Contributor

Bike Lightning


3.5k 39 3 23
Develop robust and affordable advanced sensing capability for 20,000 weather stations in Africa (lightning, precip water, ...)
Project Owner Contributor


Nick van de Giesen

4.9k 228 13 23
Develop an extra sense for a better orientation.
Project Owner Contributor


Sebastian Foerster

1.8k 31 1 23
Use control algorithms to predict movement and control a amateur rocket by the use of active fin stabilization
Project Owner Contributor

Active Stabilized Rocket System

Jeremy Hall

17.4k 572 6 23
Basic energy monitor using the ESP8266 and the ATMega328
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 Current Monitor

Patrick McDonnell

9.6k 431 6 23
An ultrasonic interferometer is assembled from optical drive components, 3d-printed parts and an ultrasonic range-finder.
Project Owner Contributor

Standing waves of sound

Andrew Ferguson

4.3k 311 1 22
Turning the BeagleBone Black into a retro gaming appliance
Project Owner Contributor

Beagle Entertainment System

Andrew Henderson

1.3k 53 0 22
Machine knit working circuit boards from downloadable digital patterns
Project Owner Contributor

Circuit Knitting

Jesse Seay

4.1k 25 4 22
A system of interchangeable parts for thermal management in PCB assemblies.
5.8k 38 2 22
A powerful, inexpensive, and extensible tactical sailing computer
Project Owner Contributor

Mr. Gibbs

Brook Patten

2.1k 171 4 22
for building clocks and bring them anywhere you want, even integrated a temperature sensor, if you're into that kind of stuff
2.1k 25 5 21
Instant ICSP/FTDI headers that fit over your Atmega*8 on the breadboard.
Project Owner Contributor

Atmega*8 Breadboard Backpack


7.4k 134 8 21
Hitachi HD63C09 clocked at a blistering 3 MHz with a capacious 64K of RAM! Retroputing bliss...
Project Owner Contributor

HD6309 Singleboard Computer


2.5k 354 15 20
A Simple Way Of Monitoring Plants To Make Sure They Are Getting What They Need.
Project Owner Contributor

Easy Planter


2.3k 22 8 20
Create 3d-printable STL solder stencils form Gerber files
Project Owner Contributor

Robert Kirberich

2.6k 653 13 20
This is an Arduino-compatible, vertically-mountable microcontroller board made entirely of TH components
5.6k 35 10 20
A portable device that will log your ECG - the "waveform" of your heart - to your phone via bluetooth or to a memory card.
Project Owner Contributor

Heartbeat Logger

Ole Andreas Utstumo

1.4k 16 0 20
A mini Attiny85 target dev board
Project Owner Contributor

T85 Target


6.7k 18 2 20
because paper is too easy
Project Owner Contributor

PCB Business Card


1.9k 21 9 20
I want something usb stick thingy-ish to check a usb cable
Project Owner Contributor

USB cable tester


4.8k 33 13 19
Converts 0 - 30 MHz up to 50 - 80 MHz. Allows HF(shortwave) reception on RTL-SDRs and the like. A square inch project entry
2.2k 49 4 19
A low-cost open-source scalable hardware platform for the development of interactive systems for deafblind people
Project Owner Contributor


Anderson Antunes

2.7k 1.6k 12 19
Global two-way satellite communication for robotics and IOT sensors. Easy to use, GPIOs, telemetry, low power and web API provided.
2.7k 26 3 19
Development board for ATmega32U4 complete with 128x64 OLED and 5 way navigation button.
Project Owner Contributor



2.5k 211 11 18
I forgot to build something for the Bay Area Maker Faire Bring A Hack event. I started this on April 7th. The Faire is May 16th.
Project Owner Contributor

Gummi Worm Clock


2.9k 49 4 18
A large hexapod using a frame from ebay, HXT12K servos from HobbyKing and a Parallax Propeller as the controller.
Project Owner Contributor

Halloween Hex

Duane Degn

819 227 7 18
A complete LiFePO4 based solar power supply for IoT devices
Project Owner Contributor


Patrick Van Oosterwijck

2.9k 386 0 18
Wireless sensor network for the monitoring of Natural Gas, Carbon Monoxide, Temperature, Humidity, Vibration, and even Seismic Activity
4.3k 221 6 18
As you will probably know, this is the famous prop from Doctor Who, the television series from BBC. I just love this thing.
Project Owner Contributor

Sonic Screwdriver


4.7k 52 7 18
A WiFi thermal camera based on a Heimann Sensor shutterless thermal imaging array
Project Owner Contributor

WiFi Thermal Camera

Erik Beall

861 9 4 18
Adapter for playing Atari 2600 with Wii Nunchuck, with or without the accelerometers
Project Owner Contributor



1.9k 21 4 18
Miniature dev board for SAM21D / SAM20D ARM cortex M0+
Project Owner Contributor

mini SAM


2.4k 22 7 18
A tiny vapor phase reflow oven
Project Owner Contributor



3.9k 348 5 17
Intended for a ESP8266-01 module Using NodeMCU Firmware To control my Solar PV setup DC disconnects remotely
1.4k 25 6 17
Smalls mint tin sized BeagleBone (KiCAD version)
Project Owner Contributor

Pocketbone KiCAD

Michael Welling

16.9k 55 16 17
Upgrades to 3040Z-DQ
Project Owner Contributor

3040 CNC Milling Machine Mods


7.6k 11 7 17
Logic circuit to take a binary input and convert it to a 7 segment display
992 123 0 17
Laura brings low-cost long-range encrypted 915MHz communication to the palm of your hand.
Project Owner Contributor

Laura // ISM-band WAN Messaging

Phil Herlihy

2.1k 25 3 17
A Powermeter for USB Devices / Gadgets
Project Owner Contributor

USB Power Meter

Daniel Grießhaber

2.4k 540 1 17
An online free and open source electronic design tool that runs in your browser. See it live at
Project Owner Contributor



12.1k 743 8 16
An arduino shield that lets you control an AC motor with closed loop feedback.
Project Owner Contributor

Arduino AC motor PID

matt venn

4k 345 4 16
Low power, battery operated ultrasonic parking aid.
Project Owner Contributor

Ultrasonic Parking Aid without Arduino


8.7k 57 35 16
Maxim MAX30100 based Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor
1.8k 21 17 16
Connect servos to your ESP8266 dev board.
3.8k 20 0 16
Analyze LEDs and LDs to create electrical (SPICE) and optical models.
1.9k 128 4 16
No more restrictions from high level software! Access the lowest level of radio transmission with this programmable USB stick.
Project Owner Contributor

Open narrowband RF transceiver

Samuel Žák

2.3k 75 1 16
Watson is a relatively simple RF power meter based on the "120 dB Measurement System" outlined in the Analog Devices (AD) AD8307 data sheet.
Project Owner Contributor

Watson - 120dB RF Measurement System


398 14 7 15
This project uses a 0.95" color oled display on the popular ESP8266
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 Color Oled


1.7k 23 8 15
An MPPT solar boost converter with 3.3v Output and Supercap energy storage.
Project Owner Contributor

1 Square Inch of Power


1.2k 259 0 15
Build your IOT projects with Universal eCog modules that simply snap into low cost enclosures.
1.3k 28 2 15
Yet another toaster oven -> reflow oven conversion
Project Owner Contributor


Nick Sayer

1.6k 49 8 15
65C02-based SBC with a discreet-part servo controller and ADC intended as a intermediate-skill learning tool.
Project Owner Contributor

6502sbc Robot


1.3k 273 1 15
xDrip is a project developed(by Stephen Black) for diabetics who use the Dexcom glucose monitor. This is a custom PCB/Case for this system.
6.6k 63 5 15
A (relatively) cheap little board for experimenting with HDMI using a Spartan-6 FPGA
1.6k 447 3 15
Smart wifi connected motion tracker & iOS app with a personality!
1k 44 0 15
Freescale / Hack A Day 2014 Make It Challenge Entry
Project Owner Contributor

Internet of "Thing"


2.2k 290 2 15
A smartwatch with an cortex m4f at heart. using awesome components and imagination to bring it to life.
1.3k 158 5 15
Easy to build and program walking robot. Powerful 32bit microcontroller, 7 servos, touchscreen display, and 3D printed parts
Project Owner Contributor


Tyler Spadgenske

1.5k 514 1 15
A highly responsive wind controller with expressive continuous push buttons based on linear hall-effect sensors - A musical IoT device -
3.5k 53 4 15
An Arduino Micro variant with an ARM Cortex M4 and onboard WiFi
Project Owner Contributor

Arachnio Due

Pierce Nichols

1.7k 18 11 15
I got tired of having USB to serial adapters everywhere, so I designed this breakout board - USB to 4 serial ports!
Project Owner Contributor

FT4232 Quad Serial Breakout

James Fowkes

1.7k 38 7 14
Glanceable information displayed on a LCD screen powered by a atmega328 and feed from a internet connected raspberry pi
Project Owner Contributor



1.7k 21 3 14
Entry for SquareInch competition: TOTP token
Project Owner Contributor


Gus Logan

4.7k 671 7 14
A pair of Altoids-tin sized transmitters, designed to be a cheap way to get music to an old device with no audio input.
Project Owner Contributor

AM/FM Transmitter Pair


1.6k 246 3 14
Beginner friendly way to solder 0603 or larger components to pinheaders so you can plug them in your breadboard. 2 minutes and you are done.
744 14 4 14
Breadboard-compatible USB PIC16F1455 board
Project Owner Contributor



1.6k 25 9 14
An extremely simple, dependable continuity tester
411 10 13 14
Retro calculator that uses only antique germanium semiconductors ;)
Project Owner Contributor

Germanium Calculus


1.4k 1.4k 0 13
Internet of Things rapid prototyping platform.
Project Owner Contributor

Aquila IoT Platform


1.4k 353 1 13
Smartphone data logger for meters and sensors created by Christiania Nabovarme
Project Owner Contributor



3.8k 194 2 13
An ESP8266 is used to control a 12VDC or 24VDC string of white or RGB LED's.
2.8k 24 8 13
There are more bats around than you think!
Project Owner Contributor

World's Smallest Bat Detector


1.2k 9 1 13
How to control the 7 LEDs of a die with only 2 GPIO - a miniaturized electronic die based on ATtiny10.
Project Owner Contributor



2.1k 191 10 13
Super tiny, Micro clock using a Numitron as its display. Running off a 400mAh lipo battery.
1.2k 589 3 13
Use your PIC-Projects on Mini-PCIe (USB/SMBus)
Project Owner Contributor

Mini-PCIe - PIC18LF2550 - DevBoard


2.9k 747 4 13
The PhotonHome is the next step in bringing the Photon environment to AC powered applications
Project Owner Contributor

PhotonHome - AC Power IoT Homebase


1k 39 3 12
Revamping a classic
Project Owner Contributor

LED Oscilloscope Mk. II

Ted Yapo

812 186 2 12
I wanted to make a small, practical wristwatch that could be enclosed in a "fashionable" enclosure.
Project Owner Contributor

LED Wristwatch


3.1k 19 6 12
A small, low cost and low power Cortex-M0+ dev board
Project Owner Contributor


Alex Hiam

2.5k 42 2 12
Smallest Cortex-M4 of the STM32 line with Espruino support in a Flex Module for wearable sensor processing. For sale on Tindie.
Project Owner Contributor

STM32F401 Flex Module

Chris Hamilton

5.2k 31 3 12
Breakout board for ESP8266 ESP-01 & 03 modules
Project Owner Contributor

ESP-01 & ESP-03 Breakout


1.9k 609 0 12
Using a ESP8266 and MQTT to display environmental readings from nodes around the house on a OLED using DomotiGA and Mosquitto as the core.
Project Owner Contributor

NeoPixel Temperature Display


1.2k 24 5 12
stm32 dev board, data logger, etc...
Project Owner Contributor



384 705 0 12
(personal ambient space sensor) humidity, pressure and temperature logger
Project Owner Contributor


Don Smith

965 413 1 11
Simplified AVR Prototyping with a breadboard-friendly breakout
Project Owner Contributor

T-Board: uc Prototyping

Andrew Retallack

1.4k 508 8 11
A UV monitor which helps prevent UV-caused skin damage.
Project Owner Contributor

Sunburn Monitor


1.4k 200 0 11
A Project page to host and blog about my various analog audio circuit experiments and designs.
890 31 1 11
Connects a MIDI keyboard to an analogue synthesizer
Project Owner Contributor



493 8 15 11
A 1" round wearable with 8 LEDs
Project Owner Contributor

Tiny Blinky

Nick Sayer

4.4k 150 8 11
An unholy marriage of an Arduino, an ATX power supply and a Raspberry Pi.
Project Owner Contributor



1.3k 41 0 11
I wanted to try my hand at ADC design, and decided to make it into a key-chain while I was at it.
Project Owner Contributor

ADC on a Key-chain

John Boyd

2k 447 10 11
A board for adding WiFi and Bluetooth without using a USB port to any Raspberry Pi with a 40 pin header. Supports 802.11n upto 150Mbps.
452 11 3 11
Play your good old multiplayer Gameboy games over the internet!
Project Owner Contributor

Game Link Online

Arno Moonen

1.9k 337 2 11
OLED screen to display info (i.e. weather) teamed up with a ws2812 led ring for glanceable status. Also a shutdown and reset button
Project Owner Contributor



649 11 1 10
Capacitive Touch morse code paddle using an ATTiny4 - (126 Bytes)
Project Owner Contributor

Tiny CW Capacitive Touch Paddle


519 50 2 10
Prototype board for type 741 operational amplifiers
Project Owner Contributor

Prototype that OP!

Henrik Alexandersson

4.6k 43 0 10
nRF51822 implemenation of Smart Bluetooth with a large amount of GPIO, 3dB antenna and SWD connector. For sale on Tindie.
Project Owner Contributor

nRF51822 BLE Flex Module

Chris Hamilton

2k 376 4 10
Cheap low power open source heart rate and body temperature monitor
Project Owner Contributor



342 11 0 10
Dark-activated, 2.8 candela white LED with wide 160-degree light output powered by a 9 V battery.
Project Owner Contributor

BlackOut Light

Kris Winer

694 35 0 10
An open source adaptive hearing aid
Project Owner Contributor

Hear Hear

Liam Marshall

351 15 0 10
Randomly picks a TV channel for you to watch at the mash of a big button
Project Owner Contributor



1.4k 520 3 10
Teensy v3.1 - FrSky Smart Port Sensor Shield with addressable led output and telemetry port
659 10 6 10
USB breakout board for easy access to all lines and current monitoring
Project Owner Contributor


kaktus circuits

1.1k 11 6 10
Adapter PCBs for ugly or Manhattan breadboarding with SMD parts
Project Owner Contributor

Ugly SMD Adapters

Ted Yapo

773 809 0 10
usb stick crypto device
Project Owner Contributor

USB crypto jawn


2.3k 522 4 9
A full-featured, inexpensive bluetooth music system for cars with lacking stereos.
Project Owner Contributor



4k 352 3 9
Open Source bluetooth enabled IMU with SPI expansion slots. Track any motion
Project Owner Contributor

BLE Intertial Measurement Unit


576 12 2 9
This is a capacitive touch wheel could be used as a simple motion/swipe input to your microcontroller.
Project Owner Contributor

Capacitive touch wheel


2k 8 0 9
Using and an ESP-12e with a LDR, we are notified when the washing machine has stopped.
Project Owner Contributor


Mark Kuhlmann

744 27 1 9
An Arduino based open source solution to a turbocharged vehicles electronic boost controller.
1.2k 28 6 9
Just a small breakout-board for TI's dual DC-motor driver
Project Owner Contributor

DRV8836 Breakout


1k 8 2 9
LPC824 based sensor box thingy
Project Owner Contributor


Alex Hiam

641 12 2 9
A shield for the D1 Mini ESP8266 board with HT16K33 chip and 8x8 mini LED matrix.
Project Owner Contributor

D1 Mini Matrix Shield

Radomir Dopieralski

443 14 1 9
IoT WiFi Temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensor with battery voltage monitoring
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 WiFi Weather Sensor

Malte Pöggel

427 61 1 9
Instant prototyping without a single line of microcontroller code
Project Owner Contributor

Adapative Nodes

Mandy Zheng

1.1k 202 0 9
Yet another clock build using the beloved Nixie tubes
Project Owner Contributor

Nixie Tube Clock


819 9 5 9
A project to develop a small cheap black line follower Robot.
1k 165 0 9
A TV remote with one button that cycles thought a list of pre set channels based on a attiny85
Project Owner Contributor

One button TV remote


1k 19 0 9
A simple breakout board for the FLIR Lepton LWIR Camera module specifically giving access to the SPI and I2C pins.
Project Owner Contributor

FLIR Lepton Breakout


250 65 12 9
another display
Project Owner Contributor



1.1k 14 0 9
My version of the ubiquitous USB serial port gizmo
Project Owner Contributor


Nick Sayer

353 329 4 9
A small breadboard friendly breakoutboard for Atmel's ATmega8
Project Owner Contributor

ATmega8 breakout


4.5k 38 0 8
This project was started as a way to display and save information from my 2008 Honda Civic's OBD2 port.
Project Owner Contributor



3.9k 23 1 8
Creating a breakout board for the TI CC3200MOD WIFI micro controller.
Project Owner Contributor

CC3200MOD Breakout

Jackson Keating

590 8 8 8
One breakout board to fit 6, 11, 16 and 20mm sized coin cells.
Project Owner Contributor

Coin Cell Maestro

Analog Two

3.7k 13 0 8
Harness the power of the ESP8266 to take photos while you chill and watch Netflix
Project Owner Contributor

Canon DSLR WiFimote


217 10 2 8
pin^2 is a more versatile breakout board with space for extra components
984 20 2 8
9-axis Gyro with the BME280 Pressure, Humidity, Temperature sensor
Project Owner Contributor

12axis Flex Module

Chris Hamilton

774 706 3 8
Set fireworks off with ether a timer or by TV remote
Project Owner Contributor

Remote firework launcher


252 584 0 8
A framework for building a distributed network of small interactive art pieces
Project Owner Contributor

Distributed Art

Adam Phelps

495 14 2 8
A tiny and efficient uC controlled lab power supply
Project Owner Contributor



1.9k 13 2 7
WiFi controller for RGB/RGBW Analog LED strips
Project Owner Contributor



798 14 0 7
An upconverter that enables listening to (V)LF stations using a standard HF communications receiver
Project Owner Contributor

(V)LF to HF upconverter


1.5k 18 0 7
Designed For Nextion HMI TFT Use
540 18 0 7
High voltage AC power is everywhere but there is a place for DC now with increasingly cost effective local solar power generation.
Project Owner Contributor

DC Home Lighting

Joe George

3.4k 407 3 7
A break out board for the Raspberry Pi Zero for use with 5v signalling, and featuring a full size USB-A socket
Project Owner Contributor

Raspberry Pi Zero Breakout

David Brown

1.1k 10 0 7
A simple arduino gps logger
Project Owner Contributor

GPS Datalogger Prototype

Reed Foster

703 276 0 7
A simple controller for the RGB LED panels found at Sparkfun and Adafruit, using the new MSP432 ARM microcontroller.
Project Owner Contributor

MSP432 RGB LED Panel Controller

John Boyd

883 23 1 7
Drives high voltage Piezo Haptic feedback devices by i2c. For sale on Tindie.
Project Owner Contributor

Piezo Haptic Flex Module

Chris Hamilton

452 13 0 7
A small breakout board for the Avago Technologies AVM-2712
Project Owner Contributor

LNA GPS front end


1.5k 202 0 7
ESP8266 based humidity logging and adaptive fan control, door lock detector, and more...
Project Owner Contributor

Smart Home in the IoT Way


539 5 0 7
A Calculator with 15 Digit Seven Segment LED. It used two 3x4 Switches and worked with Atmel 1284p. Based on Arduino.
Project Owner Contributor

snc98 .. Slash Number Calculator


780 11 0 7
This is a simple way to adjust the height on the z-axis of my lasercutter; just a jog dial, readout, and stepper controller
Project Owner Contributor

Simple jog dial for stepper motor


431 73 5 7
A compact and standalone board, programmable via a simple Visual Language, for basic Automation.
Project Owner Contributor



1.3k 12 7 7
3A TEC controller for thermal control of laser diodes etc.
Project Owner Contributor

I2C TEC controller

David Brown

586 130 0 7
A small tesla coil controller designed to be run from a Raspberry PI
1.1k 27 0 7
A temperature compensated crystal oscillator for the popular RTL-SDR
Project Owner Contributor



402 6 0 7
Just another tiny, wide input voltage range, low cost, failsafe, high power LED driver.
Project Owner Contributor



569 309 0 6
MIDI autonomous music box
Project Owner Contributor

La boîte à musique


814 95 0 6
Prototype design of a USB Storage Sled for use with the Intel Edison IoT module. Implements SATA & PATA.
Project Owner Contributor

Intel Edison: USB Storage Sled


469 5 0 6
A miniature (1in^2) 4-channel voltmeter with logging.
Project Owner Contributor


Logan Cummings

128 6 0 6
This sensor board using the SAMD21G18A Arm Cortex M0 definitely takes care of the problem of running out of sketch space
Project Owner Contributor

SAMD21G Oled Sensor Board


1.2k 221 12 6
MIDI synth board
Project Owner Contributor

Dream SAM2695 breakout board


257 6 0 6
It allows you to easily hook up a atmega328 chip so it can programmed or connect a serial adaptor and still leave room on the bread board
465 4 0 6
An Arduino-compatible board to master the light in a scalable way. Drive any kind of LED-based project with 4 channel per board.
Project Owner Contributor



635 22 9 6
Charge LIR2450 coin cells over USB
Project Owner Contributor

LIR2450 USB Charger


237 6 0 6
This is a dual stepper controller (1.4A - 24v) using SPI/I2C interface with current limiting and 1/16th micro stepping
Project Owner Contributor

Dual Stepper controller

David Brown

506 159 0 6
An preamp for electric instruments, based on an Opamp. (pronounced Micro-Pre)
Project Owner Contributor


Adam Vadala-Roth

3.5k 24 5 6
Charge two electric vehicles at once
Project Owner Contributor

J1772 Hydra

Nick Sayer

2k 33 2 6
A simple desk clock that gets time from GPS
Project Owner Contributor

GPS Clock

Nick Sayer

252 4 4 6
CY7C68013 in 56QFN package on a breadboard-friendly minimal system PCB.
996 35 0 6
Use your Android/IoS phone or tablet to control your hardware remotely with the thingSoC ESP32 board
840 18 0 5
DRV2605L based (linear resonant actuator)LRA driver with i2c control, haptic library, audio input, and motor sized. For sale on Tindie.
444 10 7 5
The cheap TP4056 Li-Ion charger boards need some upgrade
Project Owner Contributor

TP4056 3V3 load share addon board


1.1k 11 1 5
Matrix Keyboard emulator designed for retrocomputing use.
233 4 2 5
A holiday project to build a little Snowbot with an adjustable speed larson scanner for an eye.
Project Owner Contributor

Snowbot V1.0

Dan Hienzsch

923 19 0 5
I wanted to try OSH Park, so I designed a simple breakout board for the AD849x thermocouple amplifier ICs.
Project Owner Contributor

AD849x breakout board


372 6 0 5
Autonomous UAS swarm that will cooperate to image processing tasks
Project Owner Contributor


Julian Blanco

297 576 0 5
An identification system that transmits a partial unique ID through light to augment radio based ID systems.
Project Owner Contributor

Social Light Flex Module

Chris Hamilton

617 32 0 5
Flex Module for use on flexible PCB and breadboard.
Project Owner Contributor

10-axis Flex Module

Chris Hamilton

543 30 0 5
Coming very soon. Just about to get PCBs. Includes voltage regulator, shield can, integrated antenna and temperature sensor.
609 32 0 5
Demo Flex Module project to provide wearable LED strip lighting with motion feedback and bioelectric monitoring.
Project Owner Contributor

Dance Kit

Chris Hamilton

633 10 0 5
2kVA DC->AC power inverter
Project Owner Contributor

power inverter - google little box


469 9 6 5
Snap-on Desktop Widgets
Project Owner Contributor



552 38 1 5
Converts a CTE70-compatible SSD1963 GLCD into an I2C or 1-wire slave device for use on the TeensyNet
Project Owner Contributor



457 6 1 5
Reads motherboard duty cycle and scales that duty cycle to up to 4 other fans.
Project Owner Contributor

PC Fan Controller

Jason Jones

1.9k 430 7 5
This is yet another STM32F030F4 breakout board. There are footprints for nRF24L01+ module, MicroSD.
Project Owner Contributor

STM32F030F4 IoT Breakout board

K.C. Lee

451 85 0 5
ever had one or two pin too less on an Arduino Nano? This is one solution.
Project Owner Contributor

ATmega 16/32 breakout


714 20 0 5
Provides simple digital MEMs microphone input through i2s. For sale on Tindie.
Project Owner Contributor

INMP441 MEMs Microphone

Chris Hamilton

472 158 0 4
Display text or graphics, with cool built-in fonts and animations on a 128x16 display. Easily controlled from an SPI interface.
897 21 0 4
Charger system for Li batteries with fuel gauge. Works with Qi wireless or USB power source. For sale on Tindie.
306 5 2 4
Splts a WS2812B bitstream, delaying one side by a selectable number of LEDs
Project Owner Contributor

WS2812B Delay Splitter


530 257 6 4
Remote monitoring hardware for cheese maturation, with real time plotting and logging.
Project Owner Contributor


Gus Logan

604 286 10 4
Solar powered audio only variometer using MSP430 and MS5611
Project Owner Contributor

Sunny Vario


567 15 0 4
The PCA9685 with forward current configuration to driver up to 16 motors (with the help of Darlington arrays). For sale on Tindie.
168 121 0 4
The TSOC_PSoC4L is a Programmable System on Chip board with integrated USB and Li-Po battery power and charging functions
Project Owner Contributor

thingSoC PSoC4L (large)

Pattern Agents

325 9 5 4
had to extract it from the game boy programmer / cartridge project
Project Owner Contributor

Nokia 3310 / 5110 display board


215 997 0 4
Another home automation node with environmental sensors. But each node has 3pin ports with Gnd, 3.3v and Digital/Analog. Footprint for RFM12
Project Owner Contributor

Another Home Automation Node


772 127 0 4
Solar Powered ATMega328P Board
Project Owner Contributor



164 11 0 4
A compact board containing an AVR microcontroller that controls a power LED driver which can be activated via motion sensor
552 22 0 4
Ultra low noise power supply that can be set via jumpers for any output voltage value from 1.4v to 20.5v using a tps7a4700
506 5 2 4
A custom and expandable computer interior lighting system.
Project Owner Contributor



784 1.4k 5 4
An ATmega328-powered programmer for 28C64 EEPROM
Project Owner Contributor


Tobias Eriksson

334 3 0 4
An easy to build solenoid engine for use as a desk toy or as a peripheral to common SBC's as a learning toy.
Project Owner Contributor

Acrylic Solenoid Engine

Extreme Electronics

168 192 0 4
Linear virtual ground with OPA548
Project Owner Contributor

Virtual ground

kaktus circuits

136 32 0 3
Just a simple synth that uses a Trinket Pro for the brains and fits inside a Nivea tin.
Project Owner Contributor

Nivea Tin Synth w Trinket Pro


341 34 6 3
An Electro-Luminescent Wire model of an Analog Clock
Project Owner Contributor

EL Wire Clock


119 3 1 3
A passive water sensor than includes a breakout connector for a second sensor or an actuator
Project Owner Contributor

thingSoC Water Sensor

Pattern Agents

256 517 0 3
USB based 3.3v 1-2A power supply. Utilizes a charger detector to raise a signal notifying when high current may be available.
Project Owner Contributor

USB Hi Power

Chris Hamilton

158 7 0 3
My run through of Contextual Electronics cool Getting to Blinky KiCAD tutorial.
Project Owner Contributor

Getting to Blinky

Jackson Keating

534 4 2 3
Finally got it off of my breadboard.
Project Owner Contributor

I2C Temp Sensor Board


540 3 2 3
Portable headphone amplifier with built in LiPo battery charger.
616 23 0 3
Provides 8 addressable i2c buses. Used to broadcast or resolve conflicts of multiple i2c modules with the same address. For sale on Tindie.
Project Owner Contributor

i2c Switch Flex Module

Chris Hamilton

219 24 0 3
220 68 2 3
Shield for RS-422 over CAT5 with USB for a host
Project Owner Contributor



332 17 0 3
Capacitive Touch Flex Module based on MPR121 that provides 12 inputs. For sale on Tindie.
1.5k 30 6 3
ECG Sensor summing amplifier and RC filter for feeding Plessey biosensors to an ADC. For sale on Tindie.
Project Owner Contributor

ECG ADC Buffer Flex Module

Chris Hamilton

386 5 2 3
A basic breakout board that converts an ESP-12E module into an XBee footprint.
Project Owner Contributor

ESP-12E Breakout Board

Daniel Eisterhold

167 5 0 3
multi protocol interface tool
Project Owner Contributor



475 10 0 3
ECG ADC buffer with an additional Twin T notch filter
Project Owner Contributor

ExG Notch Flex Module

Chris Hamilton

674 28 0 2
2.54mm 4 channel voltage converter opamp and RC filter for Spectra Symbol Flex Sensors
195 103 0 2
The thingSoC ESP32S is a combination Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module that supports a variety of co-processors and peripherals.
Project Owner Contributor

thingSoC ESP32S Wi-Fi Module

Pattern Agents

352 4 1 2
Based on the LED Matrix Link's and NodeMCU Twitter Matrix is an 8x LED Matrices display to scroll tweets of your desired hashtag.
Project Owner Contributor

Twitter Matrix


80 1 0 2
The thingSoC I2C Hub is a four(4) port I2C Hub/Switch board, an Embedded Module for thingSoC.
Project Owner Contributor

thingSoC I2C Hub

Pattern Agents

273 3 0 2
Latching Solenoid or Relay driver
Project Owner Contributor



189 20 0 2
A Flex Module 4 pin connector that supports RGB strips with 4 leads (as well as many other 1 or 2 pin I/O peripherals). For sale on Tindie.
Project Owner Contributor

4P-RGB-Strip Flex Module

Chris Hamilton

220 34 2 2
Mag-stripe information pentesting tool
Project Owner Contributor


Salvador Mendoza

648 4 0 2
Heating bath temperature controller.
31 0 1
thingSoC Grovey One is a thingSoC compatible embedded module based on the ATMEGA328 processor for the Arduino IDE
Project Owner Contributor

thingSoC Grovey One

Pattern Agents

2 0 1
The thingSoC Grovey ADC provides four (4) Analog-to-Digital channels of 16/12 bit resolution for the Grove System
Project Owner Contributor

thingSoC Grovey ADC

Pattern Agents

60 1 0 1
The thingSoC USBUART2 Base board incorporates a Cypress CY7C65215 Dual Channel USB Bridge, that supports UART, I2C, SPI, and JTAG interfaces
Project Owner Contributor


Pattern Agents

56 15 0 1
The TSOC_NEOLED is a WS2812 (a.k.a Adafruit NeoPixel) driver using programmable logic for fast updates
Project Owner Contributor

thingSoC NEOLED Driver

Pattern Agents

61 1 0 1
The thingSoC Grovey GPIO provides additional Input/Outputs with the ability to turn your Grove peripherals power on and off as well.
Project Owner Contributor

thingSoC Grovey GPIO

Pattern Agents

200 16 0 1
The TSOC_Teensy3x is a thingSoC adapter for the excellent Teensy3.2 board from PJRC.
Project Owner Contributor

thingSoC Teensy3x

Pattern Agents