Turnigy 9xr pro and walkera devo 7e mods hacks

Transmitter Mods for the devo 7e and 9xr pro. Custom TX build soon!

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My problem was the r9 or r7 on the small tx panel where power goes in ect. Youl see it burned. I tried to get replacement but sadly the r9 or r7 comes in different varieties such as 10k 20k to 100k im told the r7/r9 "I cant remember exactly" are 0.1h well the chip says R100 on it so I searched and found same with variety of 10k 100k options. Asking sellers and even showing them pictures on ebay, they could not help and do not know. The maker/designer replied to my post and I think he did give the answer as the size also comes into play and is similar to leds "0805,1205 example ect". I think Mike is it? has replied I will check but heres what I did.I simply removed the dead chip and soldered joined the joint. I will put pics up.
I understand this is the same for the walkera 7e and will be doing it soon how ever if you do this you apparently lose a the function of battery voltage "on the 9xr pro." So I do want the original or better replacement resistor r7

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