• DIY 2020 5 series 3D Printer Build UK

    05/05/2017 at 12:50 1 comment

    Not sure what shape I am going with I wanted to ration bars for mini mill and a 3d printer or 2 3d printers.

    Please advise if there is a solid way as this is the typical box type. I didnt like the prusa and I wanted enclosed.

    Over 60% of items have arrived so I am building. Its quite fun the way I have done it. I may do a Ebay group type order and take orders to get better price ect. "alot of people raping or waitibg to rape us believe me."

    Arduino uno

    Ramps 1.4

    A4988 drivers

    Arduino uno 2.5 tft with sd

    8366 wifi "no idea how to fit aha."

    I have tablets about I would like to use as TFT if any one can help please inbox. Same with the current TFT as I have no idea about firmware.

    Nema 23, 17 and 14 "Im play with set up."

    M8 thread

    M6 thread

    M6 roller bearings

    M8 roller bearings

    M8 mounts

    M4 x8 and x12

    M5 x8, x12 and x20 lenghs

    M6 x8, x12, and x20 lenghs

    M4 lick washers

    Aluminium 2020 braces

    V bearings

    Normal m4 bearings

    Normal 5A end stops

    Proximity sensor

    1000w hp 80A psu

    Anet A8 mosfet board "need advice on cheaper alternatives.

    Theres obviously alot more. I have to get 2040 to finish and for mini mill but mot and car crap due so may be a while.

    I will update when I can.

    Soecial warning.

    Only buy your metal online if it is apsolutely necesary. It can be 100x the cost otherwise so be warned.


    My rods for 1m are £6 each online. 20p each in shop. I got 16 oieces cut and a bag of m4 m5 m6 for £5. Im warning you.

    Take care.

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