Ultrasonic tooth cleaner

An ultrasonic tooth cleaner that deep cleanse your teeth, gums, tongue in every crevice every day. NO BRUSHING

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Ultrasound has a huge potential for teeth cleaning because its able to clean places your toothbrush doesn't reach. Additionally, it disrupts bacterial chains improving protective effects manifold. Because ultrasound is used in many therapeutic application I am hoping for carry over effects like increased bone density in the jaw. There are ultrasonic toothbrushes to buy but I think my concept works much better and I'm out there to prove it.

Conventional ultrasound toothbrushes transmit sound through bristles, spit and toothpaste. Although they are a big improvement compared to electrical toothbrushes there's still room for improvement. You can improve cleaning by filling your mouth with a cleaning solution and putting a transducer on your tongue. Shortening cleaning time and transmitting ultrasound into every crevice much more effectively.

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