The Mini ATX PSU allows you to power the Raspberry Pi using an inexpensive desktop power supply. It also does controlled shutdown of the Pi.

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What is it?

The PiRyte Mini ATX PSU allows you to power your Raspberry Pi and project boards using an inexpensive desktop power supply. Additionally, it enforces a controlled shutdown so that the Pi's operating system can properly close down without corrupting disk files.


  • Uses inexpensive off the shelf ATX desktop supply. Works with both 20 pin and 24 pin connectors.
  • Enables operating system to perform controlled shutdown and reboots to minimize disk file corruption.
  • Back powers the Raspberry Pi with dedicated 5 VDC line.
  • Screw terminals break out +12 VDC and +5 VDC for user projects.
  • Provides a prototyping area with access to +12 VDC, -12 VDC, +5 VDC, +3.3 VDC, and Ground
  • Conforms to the Raspberry Pi Foundation's HAT footprint.
  • 40 Pin GPIO stacking header allows use of other HAT conforming boards.
  • Comes as a DYI kit to keep costs low.

Operating Modes

  • Power up: LED pulsates slowly
  • Reboot: LED pulsates slowly
  • Shutdown: LED pulsates slowly until boot up script has ended then pulsates quickly for 10 seconds before shutting off power to the Pi
  • Hard Shutdown: LED dims entire time push button is depressed. Turns off power after 10 seconds.

Why did I make it?

My projects often need multiple voltages in addition to the 3.3 VDC or 5 VDC supplies usually provided by the Raspberry Pi. Existing ATX type desktop power supplies provide the kind of power that I can use. Additionally, I needed my board to be a HAT conforming board so that I can build controller stacks using the other boards I designed as well as third party boards. I am very particular in using stacked configurations because a stacked configuration is physically and electrically more robust. Finally, I wanted to mitigate the chance of file corruption by just turning off my Raspberry Pi without doing a controlled shutdown. This board allows me to do this.

View on Tindie: Mini ATX PSU

Mini ATX PSU Schematic Rev 1.1.0.pdf

I decided to share the hardware schematic for the Mini ATX PSU to aid you in kit assembly.

Adobe Portable Document Format - 45.21 kB - 07/22/2017 at 16:22


PiRyte Mini ATX PSU Rev 1.1.0 with schematic.pdf

Mini ATX PSU Revision 1.1.0 user manual. Documents the upgraded firmware. Firmware now supports the ability for the Mini ATX PSU to remember last power on/off state at time of power interruption and to return to that state once power is restored. Also, added hardware schematic.

Adobe Portable Document Format - 990.44 kB - 07/22/2017 at 16:20


PiRyte Mini ATX PSU Rev 1.0.pdf

User manual for the Mini ATX PSU

Adobe Portable Document Format - 948.92 kB - 04/06/2017 at 04:00


  • Mini ATX PSU now available for Compute Module 4

    tomtibbetts12/19/2021 at 13:40 0 comments

    Hello! I have  taken the proof of concept for the Compute Module 4 board to production.  You can now find the kits on Tindie.  Thank you all for your support!

  • Powering the Compute Module 4 with a Desktop Supply.

    tomtibbetts02/04/2021 at 01:46 0 comments


    I have been busy over the last couple of years but neglected to keep everyone up to date.  The bane of a creative.

    Above is my latest proof of concept, powering a compute module 4 from a desktop PSU using an updated version of my Mini ATX PSU card.

    The board above is one of my prototypes for a redesign of the Mini ATX PSU.  The original goal of the redesign was to move to surface mount so that there would be minimal soldering on the part of the user.  In the process, I added a lot more features, all programmable through I2C.  Additional, as a lark I decided to see if I could easily power the Compute Module 4 through it's 12 volt PSU port.  And I can!  This allows the Compute Module I/O board to fully power the PCie connector while having soft shutdown capability.  The final product will also have watchdog timer support.

    I'm pretty excited.  My final design is being built as I write this and I should have boards in about 15 days!

    I'll post more when I get them in.  In the meantime, if you're interested in this, please contact me at and I'll put you on the list.


  • You can now shutdown the desktop power from the command line.

    tomtibbetts08/05/2017 at 20:56 0 comments

    One of my customers made an excellent suggestion.  He suggested that I look into whether this board will power down the desktop supply from a linux command.  What a great suggestion!

    It turns out that it was easy to implement.  Now, if you do 'poweroff' command from the linux shell or select shutdown from the UI, the Mini ATX PSU will power down the desktop power after twenty seconds.  Why twenty seconds?  Because, Mini ATX PSU monitors the 'boot ok' signal coming from the Pi and if you reboot the Pi then it will just leave the power supply on.

    This is really cool because now I can offer an Pi expansion board that will allow you to make your Pi into a desktop computer.

    The Mini ATX PSU is for sale on  Just look for the latest version, Rev. 1.1.1:

  • Mini ATX PSU now can remember its power state

    tomtibbetts07/20/2017 at 19:23 0 comments

    I was recently asked to add a feature to the Mini ATX PSU so that it will remember its power state in case of power interruption.  What this means is that, if the Mini ATX PSU is powering the Raspberry Pi at the time of power interruption, then it will automatically reboot the Pi once power is restored.  Also, if the Pi was off or booting down at the time the power goes off, then it will stay off when the power comes back on.

    Since I'm not sure everyone would like this feature, I've made it a programmable option.  For more details, please go to my Tindie store:


    Tom Tibbetts

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