IoT Garage Opener

A non destructive basic garage opener

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Many people under one roof and just one remote for the garage. Solution? Connect the remote to the internets and write an iOS app to trigger the remote over the internet.

It started as a simple project ;) and now you can:

  • Store the whole history of open and closes thanks to
  • Store the amount of uses
  • Store the state of the door
  • Detect if the physical remote was used, not yet saved on


How is the project structured

The GitHub project consists of 4 main branches:

  • master: the default branch were you can find the latest code
  • assets: here i stash all the binary media. Example: images for the README file
  • particle: the firmware that run on the Particle
  • particle2parse: the NodeJS server app that act like a proxy for Particle. This peace of software is needed to clean the JSON blob from unnecessary data that Particle was generating, and confusing the RESTful API of


  • The release section of the project consists of stable snapshots of the code, that you can grab and compile. Since the master branch might contain unstable code.
  • The Issue section shows the things that I'm working or fixing. Of course you are welcome to add Issues of your own.

The End

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  • 1 × Remote

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Alexander wrote 03/23/2019 at 00:15 point

Neat project! I had never heard of Parse before, so that was a cool resource to find. The particle seems like a good platform, did you enjoy writing code for it? Was it easy to get set up?

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Brandon wrote 07/04/2017 at 06:11 point

What voltage does the remote usually take? Trying to figure out how the output pin is enough power to make the remote work (mine takes a 9V battery).

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