• Major Progress! - Update 1/31/2016

    Joey Pongallo01/31/2016 at 09:10 0 comments

    I have been off this project for many months, maybe even a year but I got motivation to complete it. I bought a house and have a nice full size basement to incoporate this project into. Going to be sick.

    • solenoid portion almost complete. I blew up a 24v dc power supply which hindered my progress.
    • Recepticle box is almost complete. The hardware is having a bug with change in power to recepticles. Have to solve this.
    • The Web API has been created. The Python code is in the works now. Simple commands to the two boxes work, but a database is needed to keep track of hardware status and settings.
    • Admin features are being created first on the API side and HTML. This will enable me to create everything for the components instead of hardcoding and rewriting dymanic settings.
    • When the above task are finished, I will rebuild the sensors unit and add the features into the UI.

    I had a touchscreen loading a kiosk version before i quite the project. During the time cat knocked it off table and cracked it. I plan on purchasing an adafruit 7" to try it. Many changes to the Debian OS since last worked on this. Things should be easier to setup the touchscreen again, was a pain the ass first time I did it and was unstable.

    ** two new pictures have been uploaded showing a little of the project.

  • Purchased Sainsmart 7" Resistive touchscreen for project

    Joey Pongallo04/14/2015 at 15:26 0 comments

    Will be integrating the 7" touchscreen and removing the 1602 LCD screen. This will provide the ability to use one 'web' interface throughout the project.