• 0.5 Inch OLED display driven by Arduino Pro Mini

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  • Block diagram

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  • 3D Augmented Reality glasses prototype rendering

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  • Where and what is the First pair?

    Ray04/21/2017 at 03:24 1 comment

    I join Tony's project hoping to create something great, and well it happened. The Glasses were here and I showed them off and tried them out. They were a hit, I wanted to make a second version. So this is why I created this project page!

    Here is a video of the first pair of glasses ever made!

    The first pair used a APK file for the app on android and connected through a bluetooth module. You could send text that would be backwards on the OLED because it reflected on the mirror for the display to be seen in the corner of your right eye. You could also have the LED turn on (In the video) for a light in a dark space or when needed for close-up lighting needs, We hope to have more features that would be more useful than just a gadget, So please Follow, Like, Share, and comment. This insures that this project will live on!