I am a machine learning researcher and electronics designer. I aim to bring intelligence to novel devices.

Seattle, Washington
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Things I've Built

Inspector robot

This is a robot that actually does computer vision on the 8-bit Arduino. It uses a small camera to track the location of salient movement and looks around using a series of saccades. It also shows what it is seeing on a display.

High voltage generator

This was a high voltage supply that produces around 180kV DC using a neon sign transformer and dual Cockcroft Walton multiplier chains.

Rolling robot

This is a small robot for experimentation with range sensing and dynamic balance. It has two weeks and full IMU, odometry and other sensors.

Robot motion controller

This is an AVR32-based board with three high current motor controllers and sensors to enable balancing on a inverted pendulum upright robot.

ToyIQ 32-bit ARM board for toys with audio

This project is a credit card sized board with a 32-bit ARM processor and audio/midi co-processor and multiple sensor inputs and outputs. It was built to help prototype intelligent interactive toys with built-in audio processing.

Pinball 128x16 display

This is a commercial product which is a drop-in replacement for dot matrix displays for Data East pinball games.

Square root relay calculating engine

This was an art project I built over 6 years and uses 480 relays to perform floating point square roots. It won a number of prizes at Maker Faire and featured in tech exhibitions.

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