The wearable Voight-Kampff machine.

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viEwMotion's goal is to facilitate communication for individuals who have difficulty expressing emotions due to inherent neurologic issues like Autism, Parkinsons, etc. These conditions make it difficult to outwardly express emotions, which can dramatically interfere with communication with friends, family, care givers, etc.
viEwMotion will interpret real time physiological data acquired from a wristband which is then processed by a single board computer and displayed to allow others to see the persons emotional state.
For those affected by these conditions (patients, friends, family, care givers, etc) it will "Change their World" by profoundly improving their ability of people to communicate effectively - changing how they experience and interact with the world around them.
In addition this technology will make research on emotional response (physiological measures of emotion) more accessible to Citizen Scientists

This project is completely Open Source (code) and Open Hardware (schematics, boards, parts, etc.)

ViEwMotion (View Emotion)

Real time Analysis and Display of Emotional response – derived from physiological sensors worn in a writ-band which is them interpreted by a single board computer and displayed (emoticons/emoji, neopixel display, etc.).

Primary Objective:

Facilitate communication between individuals with decreased emotional expression (facial expression, body posture, and/or vocal intonation) and those they interact with (friends, family, care givers, etc.).

There are many conditions that lead to reduced display of affect (fancy way of stating that it can be difficult to see or interpret their emotional reactions). Some of the more obvious conditions that can cause this are:

  • Autistic spectrum disorders - not only do many of these individuals have difficulty reading the feelings of others but they also have difficulty expressing “on the outside” what they are feeling “on the inside”.
  • Parkinson's Disease – can eventually lead to decreased facial expression

Main components:

  • Wrist strap (sensors, transmitter, battery)
    • sensors
      • Pulse Sensor (photopl...) - to derive heart rate and heart rate variability
      • Galvanic Skin Response / Electrodermal Activity sensor
      • Temperature sensor (skin temperature)
    • transmitter
      • Bluetooth (BLE)
    • battery
      • small lithium cell
  • Microcontroller/Single board computer
    • collect data from sensors
    • interpret data
    • send results to be displayed

Other Potential Applications

  • Data collection for research
  • Interactive game design
    • incorporating emotional response of player to game play
  • Consumer research and marketing

  • 1 × Microchip MCP6002 , 1MHz, rail to rail OpAmp for EDA/GSR
  • 1 × Texas Instruments TLE2426 Virtual ground rail splitter for OpAmp - stable ground reference
  • 1 × Pulse Sensor Amped
  • 1 × AD8232. (SparkFun product number SEN-12650) SparkFun Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor
  • 1 × Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE arduino capatible with onboard Bluethooth LE

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  • Ordered New Parts for Prototype

    Tom Meehan05/13/2017 at 20:40 0 comments

    Just ordered some new parts to work on a wearable prototype to read and collect bio-metric data. These parts don't quite fit the form factor that I'm aiming for but they make it much easier to work towards a more optimal design.

    I choose the Adafruit Feather M0 Bluefruit BLE as my microcontroller because it has a number of elements included that simplify prototyping:

    1. Arduino compatible microcontroller (lots of community support)
    2. Integrated USB communication (easier debugging)
    3. On board connection for LiPo power (including voltage regulator and charging)
    4. On board Bluetooth BLE

    I decided to change my pulse (photoplethysmography) sensor from the MAXREFDES177 Pulse/Ox sensor to the Pulse Sensor Amped - for 2 reasons:

    1. Only interested in pulse data (to determine heart rate) - don't need the oxygen saturation data.
    2. The Pulse Sensor Amped can directly output IBI (inter beat interval) data directly from a microcontroller (using open source software).

    It is likely possible to get this data from the Maxim breakout but the learning curve is to steep for me now. Another plus is that the Pulse Sensor Amped uses green LED's which are likely to make data collection from the wrist easier.

    Just a quick update and now I'm getting back to working on this.

  • viEwMotion - the beginning

    Tom Meehan05/02/2017 at 02:39 0 comments

    This project is an outgrowth of my Voight-Kampff project. My goal is to use what I've learned (as well as what I'm continuing to learn) about physiological markers for emotion and focus this on better methods of facilitating communication for people who have difficulty expressing emotions though facial expressions, vocal intonation or body movements.

    Currently there are a number of applications for detecting emotions through analysis of facial expressions (Microsoft's Emotion API, Empatica's facial analysis, etc). These do a truly amazing job at detecting emotional expression and their abilities are growing daily but they only work with those who have no impediments in expressing emotions.

    The above technologies offer great promise in helping people learn to recognize the non-verbal signals of emotion (facilitate recognition of emotional states in others). This is an application that is being pursued, especially to help people who fall in the autism spectrum.

    For those who do have difficulty (due to various issues) in outwardly expressing emotion, there does not seem to be similar efforts (at least that I've found so far - please let me know if I'm incorrect!). The primary goal of viEwMotion is to address that very issue.

    There are numerous other potential applications for viEwMotion ranging from research into emotional response (especially by Citizen Scientists), game design and play (increased immersion due to game response to player emotions) and even market research (analyzing emotional response to advertisements, etc.).

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