Tom Meehan

Making and building to learn how stuff works and teach others so we can All make Better things for a Better world

Plainfield, IL
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Things I've Built

FPV Headset for Quadcopter

Just about finished this, there are always hurdles to get past.


These looked way to interesting so I thought I'd try building one. It works but I'm still learning how not to crash.

My First Spark Gap Tesla Coil

This began as a demonstration project for my daughter - built a small Van De Graff first but wanted bigger sparks. I expected that it would only take a few weeks to make it but that turned into about 4 months (and I'm still building more coils)

DIY 3D Printer

I started this about a year after building my CNC machine and leveraged its capabilities to help me in fabricating the parts I needed.

DIY Desktop CNC

This was an ambitious early project that I build to help me in making other projects. I've continued to update it with software, firmware and hardware upgrades

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esot.eric wrote 04/21/2016 at 07:45 point

Howdy, yo! Thanks for the follow!

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Tom Meehan wrote 04/22/2016 at 06:06 point

And a thank you right back, you've got some really cool projects.

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