Quantity   Component name
1 × Arduino Mega We needed the extra IO that the Mega provides
1 × Arduarium Controller Ultimate v1 of this board was used
1 × Arduino Ethernet Shield Allows the Arduino to talk over a wired network
2 × JeeNode v6 with 868MHz RFM12B radio Each wireless sensor has one of these beauties
2 × Adafruit 1200mAh LiPo battery By sleeping 99.93% of the time these batteries last for years
1 × Raspberry Pi Model B Powerful, small and cheap
1 × RFM12B radio board for Raspberry Pi The Pi can speak SPI directly to the RFM12B module from Hope
2 × Waterproof temperature sensors 1-Wire protocol is complex but great libraries do the hard work
1 × TSL2561 Digital Light Sensor Adafruit breakout board and code give us excellent results
3 × ACS712 Current sensor 0-5A Sparkfun breakout board lets us know that the pumps are running
1 × eTape Liquid Level Sensor Unique analog level sensor was so intriguing we had to try it
4 × Digital float switch A more set of simple switches provide another way to sense level
1 × Home-made EC probe We bought some plantinum wire and made our own EC probe
1 × pH and ORP probe We got the cheapest ones we could find and they seem to work fine
1 × Water valve made at Fab Lab Manchester An air-actuated water valve at 15% of the cost of a commercial one
1 × Relay board A simple two relay board controls the air solenoids
2 × 12v Solenoids These devices switch air to operate the water valve
1 × Blood, sweat and tears No project is complete without plenty of these