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R-Pi Linux touchscreen handheld with interchangeable camera add on modules

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Imagine the potential of an opensource handheld camera that can double as a full featured linux tablet with add on hardware modules, the first of which is a IR sensitive camera platform. No longer will you be forced to settle for the limited functionality of the devices we use today, taking full advantage of the vast knowledge the opensource community has to offer along with modern 3d printing technologies enables us to go from concept to physical in a matter of days which i will be demonstrating as this build progresses.
  • 1 × Rpi B+ MCU
  • 1 × Adafruit Pitft 2.8" tft 320x240 resolution with capacitive touch panel
  • 1 × No IR Camera Pi camera with no IR filter
  • 1 × 5v 1000ma portable charger Typical portable charger will work, check the output voltage if you have problems
  • 1 × Spst NO Switch Single poll single throw normally open momentary switch's, buttons for shutter and shutdown

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  • It's never easy

    bootdsc08/14/2014 at 22:46 0 comments

    Most of the parts have been delivered and after a small setback chasing down a problem with the rpi i'm back on track. The 3d printed camera module lens adapter is finished and works perfectly, next up is to print a adapter for the visible light filter(s). Stay tuned for a much more detailed update to follow.

  • Block Diagram

    bootdsc08/14/2014 at 22:36 0 comments

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    Step 1

    This will be updated last as there is just to much that can change along the way.

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