Arc Printer

The Arc printer is a rapid printing 3D printer with minimal moving parts designed to print objects in minutes not hours.

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The Arc printer is a rapid printing 3D printer with minimal moving parts designed to print objects in minutes not hours.

Arc printing is done by completing an electrical current on an area of granulated metal thus heating the metal enough to form a bond to the structure being printed.

The design goes as follows
The "print head" is accually the base of the printing area in which a supply of granulated metal is supplied and is built of many small wires that complete a circuit with the top arm which raises the printed object as it is printed.

Arc Printer Design Document




Purpose and Scope

This document will describe the currently being developed Arc Printer in detail and provide information on what process I intend to follow in the developement of the Arc Printer.


Project Executive Summary

This project's intent is to improve 3D printers in respect to print time. 3D printers are incredible technology but are limited by the speed at which the produce printed objects. The Arc printer aims to remedy this by utilizing a technology already in use in welding arc welding(a process of electrical fusing of metal) and also eliminate the need to move the print head.


System Architecture

The Arc printer is made of four main components the print bed, the lifting device, the conrol box, and the granulated metal supply bin. The control of the Arc Printer will be by a standard computer that will send the object to be printer to the Arc Printer.


System Hardware Architecture

The main components of the Arc Printer work together to print an object layer by layer. First the granulated metal supply bin provides a thin layer of granulated metal(possibly using mild vibration) onto the print bed. Then the lifting device is lowered within electrical contact of the granulated metal. With the lifting devices electrical base in electrical contact with the granulated metal the control box begins by printing out a lead by sending electrical pulses to the print bed wire array and raising the lifting device. After the lead is made the object printing begins in a center out fashion. For computer to printer communication I will use USB.


System Software Architecture

the system firmware will control the pre-print procedures and post-print procedures this also includes layer printing. The computer driver will handle file translation to printable layers and provide print options.


File Design

I intent to design the software to handle most standard 3D object files through the drivers.


Human-Machine Interface

The system will act as most any paper printer as the control on the device will only consist of a power button and a reset button. The main human interface will be through a computer system and the drivers for the device.

  • Project is continueing

    0n37w001/21/2015 at 14:34 0 comments

    For those that have followed my Arc Printer project I am sorry that I have delayed working on this for so long but no longer I will be developing at as rapid a pace as I can afford and plan for final working design by summer of this year. If anyone is willing to help please contact me I want you all to be able to use an Arc Printer of your own in the near Future.

    -one two out-

  • More ideas waiting on time/money

    0n37w009/30/2014 at 02:41 0 comments

    I got an idea to use many needles for a multi-point extruder for plastic 3D printing.  Still I don't have much time to work on any project at the moment with work and some personal issue and also little extra money for projects.  But enough complaining!!  

    Thank you to all my new project followers it will be done and awesome once I can work things out and then you can build one yourself.  I am considering setting up a single row print-head to demonstrate the process of arc printing.  It will be more mechanicly complicated than the original arc printer design but it saves me time making 100 rows of 100 wires at least for now.

  • Not in the hackaday prize group priority reduced

    0n37w009/13/2014 at 06:07 0 comments

    I am still sontinueing this project but since I am not in the running for the prize I need to spend my time with other stuff.  Gotta pay the bills ya know.

    I thank all the people that are following my project.  It will still be complete but I do not think it will be this year as I don't have much financial stability or an abundance of free time.  

  • Print base modules

    0n37w008/23/2014 at 09:26 0 comments

    I will be making the print base out of 256 x 256 wire arrays that are individual modules that take a digital input of x and y.  These modules can be combined for a larger printing area and should not slow down the printing process as each module will be able to print simultaneously and would require only pluging into the control box up to a limit based on how many digital ports are available on the control hardware.  To put this in perspective the picture on the project with the row of wires is about 256 long and I will make 256 more of those.  This will be a one module demonstration unit which will only print small objects but should still do so ten times faster than other 3D printers.

  • Time for more work

    0n37w008/21/2014 at 01:47 0 comments

    My schedule will be clearing up next week so I will be dedicating more time to the Arc Printer.  I do appreciate everyone's support and I hope to impress you with fast 3D printing.

  • System Design Document

    0n37w008/21/2014 at 01:44 0 comments

    Posted First draft of system Design Document more details to come soon.  Also posted image of one layer of the print bed for the small test unit.

  • My basic blueprint

    0n37w008/16/2014 at 07:10 0 comments

    I posted my basic blueprint so people can get a better idea of how it will work.  More pictures coming soon.

  • test one assembly

    0n37w008/13/2014 at 12:01 0 comments

    I am currently assembling a low res test unit.  This will be a bare bones unit just to demonstrate the viability of Arc Printing

    This test unit will be manually operated to show how simple Arc Printing technique is and also will show how inexpensive it can be to build one.

    Hopefully more updates very soon.

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Jarrett wrote 01/22/2015 at 16:26 point

For what it's worth, I really want this project to succeed. I like things that involve dangerous amounts of power. Like, a lot.

Why don't you post all of the materials you have? Circuit designs or diagrams, pictures of all of the physical things you hvae, etc?

I find having all of my information in one place really helps with my motivation and allows me to spend 5 minutes here, and 5 minutes there working on stuff when I have the time. And if it's public, then we can provide tips to avoid potential pitfalls, and so on.

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