Pizza Oven to Reflow Oven Conversion

Converting an old pizza oven into an SMD reflow oven!

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I got a pizza oven for $7 on auction and am converting it into a temperature-controlled SMD reflow oven. It only uses a simple PID temperature controller but at some point I might update it to use a more fully-fledged reflow controller.

I bought this oven for $7 from my University with the intention of turning it into a temperature controllable reflow oven. It was already being used as a reflow oven, but I wanted something a bit more controllable. I snagged some cheap parts on ebay for turning it into a temperature controllable oven and it works just fine! There are a few improvements I will possibly make in the future:

  1. Consolidating AC connectors! The single oven has to have 3 different connections to mains... One for the oven, one for the temperature controller, and one for a 12V wall wart that powers the 15A relay inside. I could, in the future, tap off of the mains connector inside of the oven for all of these, but for now it was easier to just use separate connections.
  2. Add a real reflow controller. This one is obviously just able to set a temperature and stay there, which isn't necessarily ideal for reflowing. Ideally, I'd have a controller that can do a set temperature profile instead of just going to a set temperature.

  • 1 × Pizza Oven! Purchased for $7 on auction from my university. Simple pizza oven that by default only has settings to enable one or both heating elements and a timer. No temperature control built in.
  • 1 × REX-C100 Knockoff PID Temperature Controller Purchased from ebay for ~$20
  • 1 × K-Type Thermocouple The one I purchased ($10 for 5 of them on ebay) is rated to 500C. Could likely use one that's rated to 300C or so too.
  • 1 × 15A Relay The relay inside the temperature controller is only 3A rated... and this is a 1450W oven! No way a 3A relay will cut it. 15A will give us up to 1800W, absolutely plenty for our purposes.

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