Air-Water Rocket Launcher

A quick, safe, reusable and easy to launch Air-Water Rockets

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I work as a STEM coordinator in a Primary School working with Teachers and Students from reception to year 7 including special classes. The school is located in a low-socioeconomic area of Adelaide South Australia and the School runs a number of specialist support programs to provide positive learning experiences for students at school including STEM.

So I wanted a way to launch Air-Water Rockets so that any year level could make and launch rockets. So it needed to be easy to use and safe. The system developed is a fully self-contained battery-powered unit with a wireless remote and safety isolation switch. It is made from new, used and repurposed plumbing parts and garden water fittings. Including a motor for an old machine, a wireless alarm system, bike break cables and sliding door roller slides.

It launches 1.25L or larger soda bottles with a 9mm snap water fitting. Tail fins and nose cones are designed, fitted and attached by students.

Final result

Tail Fin Experiments

Early Construction

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