Collect IoT data with IoTool and a smartphone

Learn how to measure, export and visualise sensor data on an Android smartphone using the IoTool app. Valid for many different sensors.

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IoTool helps connect IoT devices (more than 100 sensors and 20 actuators already supported) via any interface to a smartphone or Raspberry Pi. The collected data can be encrypted, stored, displayed, processed and synced to the Cloud (IoTool servers with full access, other IoT platforms, like IBM Watson) or stored locally. An API is available to include all modules to your solution. Connect your own IoT devices, learn, teach, research with full control!

Skill Level: Any Skill Level

For anyone with a basic knowledge how to install an Android application from Google Play.

This project shows how to measure, export and visualise sensor data on an Android smartphone using the IoTool app. Use different Sensors (integrated, wired, wireless), Virtual sensors (algorithms), Triggers, Actions or your own extensions.


  • 1 × Android smartphone
  • 1 × External sensor (optional)

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    About IoTool

    IoTool, a multi-awards winning smartphone gateway and API allows IoT research and fast prototyping with minimal costs in domains: IoT, eHealth, Sport & Wellness, Home Automation, Industry 4.0 and Logistics.

    Currently IoTool supports more than 100 different sensors with more than 277 sensor readings (like, Arduino, Audio, Bosch XDK, Internal Smartphone, TI SensorTag, Video and similar), 50 actuators (like Arduino, Flic, Internal Smartphone, Lifx and similar) and different types of triggers connected to ordinary smartphone through a very flexible extensions system. Any new sensor, action, actuator, algorithm, trigger or cloud sync uses its own extension (similar like printer drivers). External developers can develop their own extension (usually an extension can be made in hours) and their own UI for any type of IoT solutions.

    IoTool works on Android devices (phone, tablet, Android TV, Raspberry PI with Android OS installed). IoTool on smartphone can process (collect, encrypt, store, show values and diagrams, sync to Cloud) up to 24.000 records per second, for example 12 lead ECG with 2000Hz per lead.

    IoTool modules:


    Sensors and Virtual sensors (algorithms)


    Triggers, Actions and Recipes


  • 2
    IoTool installation
    • Register and Login to
    • Select extensions needed for a project
    • Extensions

    • Download IoTool from the Play Store (link is on main page).
    • Select and download sensor extensions ( / EXTENSIONS / SENSORS) to your smartphone. If you wish to use only internal Android sensors, use "Android sensors - Service: Device internal".
    • Download

  • 3
    IoTool setup and test

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