USB Battery Tab Spot Welder

Sometimes you only have a $500 laptop, not a $5 screen.

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I'm building powered running strollers. Those need battery packs. Battery packs need tabs.
Thus, a hack is born.

An ATXMega32U4a accepts USB control requests to configure weld attributes. I haven't had time or parts to implement a user interface with a dedicated display, and with a framework I wrote a few years ago called USBKit interfacing to manufacturer-specific USB devices is really quick and easy.

A 3D-printed foot pedal starts a state machine using TCC0 to control a big solid-state relay which switches the mains across a rewound microwave oven transformer.

In time I'll post source code and photos.


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Ajay wrote 02/06/2018 at 14:10 point

Have you got anything working yet, I am particularly interested in the spot welder for my 18650's

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