• Resonant body fail

    jana°12/02/2017 at 14:52 0 comments

    I tried running current trough the piezo, but hear nothing. I suspect the problem lies with the cheap molded glass. I will try and source a better resonant glass to make a second attempt.

  • tea glasses to make speaker horns

    jana°08/02/2017 at 10:15 0 comments

    I have three sizes of piezos now, and am researching fm radio receivers I could place behind the glass 'horn'. The problem with the fm receivers is that they should be as light as possible, as well as discreet as possible. I want to avoid having to case them in.. but dont know if that's possible, so they need to be 'attractive' too. The amplifier will most likely be my biggest challenge.

    In discussion with simon berz, a sound artist using stones to make a lithophone, suggested using crystal glasses rather than the cast type I have bought for testing.

    If anyone has a good suggestion for a suitable amp for this project please pm me!