• Early Digital Computer Technology Exhibition

    08/03/2017 at 13:24 0 comments

    A computer technology enthusiast collected various devices and supply materials from the beginning of digital computing (1955 - 1975). I decided to help the now retired grain farmer to turn his collection into an exhibition and arrange for it to be shown in different locations around Switzerland and Europe.

    I am looking for collaborators who wish to assist me in restoring or documenting this old technology. I am currently assembling an ever growing list of parts and devices and will post images, documentations here as they become available.

    My first restoration attempt will be on a FridenEC132 (1965), where my biggest challenge will be learn how to discharge the 3000V charge on the CRT display capacitor. (First Friden model to have a CRT display at all!)

    I will post the different devices or components as different projects,- any collaboration is most welcome ! ;-)

  • hacking@w3rkhof.ch

    07/29/2017 at 15:14 0 comments

    The location w3rkhof.ch is a 100yr old metal workshop converted into a modern day hacking and collaborating space. from time to time it is used to plan, develop, assemble or display hacking related projects.

    this w3rkshop space in rural schaffhausen, switzerland, is open to residencies and international collaborations.


    looking forward to hearing from you,  jana°