IOT Datalogger

Datalogger WIFI and Bluetooth for the IOT product

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For the IOT products for security it's really difficult to tracking problem when it has setup on side. IOT datalogger build for solving problem the long range tracking via Bluetooth and WIFI. Without using laptop replace by track with mobile phone(android) it's make you feel easier and confortable.

Problem Detail: 

1st Problem :By Installations product IOT security systems build from Arduino it's really difficult to turn on laptop on side. Why? This is  the reasons,  the installations is to far  sometime it need setup in high locations for make it more security from  the bad person or cheater to destroy it.

(Sorry for no clear image)  ( -_-)"

Follow by Image it's show no safe place to put our laptop and connect USB and get the Serial data from that Arduino up there . Another ways we need the long cable around 10 meter of USB cable to connect it our laptop in safe place. For solve this problem we need wireless for get the log and easy to configurations. ESP32 have bluetooth that we can use long range more than 30 meter.

(Summarize -> wire for data log is messy !)

2nd Problem: 

After setup the systems. when we want access it by Internet  and config it . The system not send us the right data we want . We don't  know what the real problem there ? Have natural noise signal ? Storm when it's rain(Cambodia is country tropical it's usually rain and a lots storm )  ? Or our system has been stuck ??? And than we go there we got nothing we don't know the real problem it's  make us wasted our time ,wasted our transportations to go there and wasting power of our brain to imagine the real problem .

So, for solve this problem we need to storage all data on SD CARD  have time to Storage data .

(Summarize -> we can't stay with our hardware develop 24/7  we need storage to check all in one time).

Technical Detail:

Controller -> ESP32S WROOM

8 analog to digital Converter

Memory up to 32GB

Have External Serial

Have USB direct connect to device to log


It's help us to see and store  our problem data direct with controller (arduino or another microcontroller etc. ) and our code problem via Serial(UART).

  • 1 × ESP32 WROOM WIFI , BLUETOOTH , Controller
  • 4 × LED SMD
  • 1 × FT232RL Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits / Misc. Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits

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    Build Test Board DIY
  • 2
    Draw Intergrate Device After we test board DIY
  • 3
    Design PCB and Send to Factory

    It's really difficult to Optimize the boards XD

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RichardCollins wrote 04/11/2019 at 17:50 point

0.  What do you need help with?  What things are you trying to measure?  What data have you collected, is it available to look at?  What things would you LIKE to measure?  If you have collected data, are there others you are trying to network with?  If you are measuring something is it something that a model might help?  Where are you?  I live in Houston Texas.

1.  Are your boards available for sale?

2.  Can you send data packets wirelessly to a websocket or http server on a local PC (my need)?

3.  Can this method work for webcams or image sensor chips?  I would like to automatically store my 1080p (1920x1080x30 fps) and 4k (3820x2160x15 fps) image streams to the server.

4.  Does your fabricator have capability for low noise amplifiers?  0-10 Hz, Audio, 100kHz to 10 MHz, 10 Mhz-10 GHz, 10GHz+

5.  I need ten or twenty of them for some experiments, any thoughts on power for them?

6.  Can your manufacturer make boards with many, very sensitive, analog microphone elements?  Photosensor arrays?  Analog vibration sensors?  Atomic force cantilevers and analog monitoring? Temperature sensitive devices?

7.  Have you ever tried to synchronize an LED display and a camera?  So that the camera takes a frame at the peak or a particular part of the LED display cycle?

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

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