• Zip Content on Github

    supamoe2509/02/2017 at 07:59 1 comment

    Zip File should be up on github. Also i found the original link from the auction. Can be found in the comments ;)

    I played around with Adafruit SSD1306 / U8gLib. Both work on the board. but some need a bit tweaking (pin16 high etc.)

  • some kind of software found

    supamoe2508/27/2017 at 16:55 2 comments

    As the Link in the original Dokumentation that i found was not longer available i searched through a few ebay and amazon offers.

    Finaly i found something in an ebay auction from DIYmall. The link contains a ~400MB Zip file with the SDK toolchain and some examples more then in the std esp32-arduino package.

    Here i found a oled example where the think with the Pin16 pullup was added compared to the std esp32 libs.

    i will not add this zip file here or on github cause it seems like there is some copyright violation ( i'm sure it is xD ) triggered here.

    But i will upload some off the examples after i took a look at them