Feature list for the Vorpal Combat Hexapod:

  • 12 DOF legs using all-metal gear servos (MG90S)
  • Arduino Nano processor ATMEGA 328 on both the robot and gamepad
  • Bluetooth communication from gamepad to robot using HC05 modules
  • 60 minute runtime or more using commonly available 18650 LI-ON rechargeable batteries
  • Magnetic attachment areas on top of robot for attaching decorations, small sensors, or game accessories.
  • Accessory port on front allows heavier accessories such as attachments for Joust, Capture the Flag, or other games or activities. Accessory port also gives access to 2 Analog and 4 digital ports for sensors.
  • Piezzo buzzer allows hexapod to make noises, play simple tunes.
  • Gamepad has 16 mode buttons and a 5 button DPAD. Pressing a mode button affects what the DPAD buttons do. Mode buttons are arranged in 4 rows of 4 related functions: Walk, Dance, Fight, Record. For example, pressing Walk button 1 is a normal walk, Walk button 2 is "high step" mode, Walk 4 is "scamper mode (very fast), etc.
  • Gamepad has a built-in RECORD function allowing you to record a series of motions. Recordings are stored on an SD card inside the gamepad.
  • If you plug the Gamepad into a USB port on a computer, you can use MIT Scratch drag and drop programming system to control the robot. 
  • Scratch-programmed motions can also be uploaded to the gamepad and stored on specific buttons. A "long tap" on that mode button accesses your custom motions, while a "short tap" accesses default functions.
  • Scratch programs can also access sensors on the robot, on my website you can see a video of a scratch program using an ultrasonic rangefinder to do obstacle avoidance!


Build time is about 90 minutes (after you 3D print the parts that is).

Minimum 3D print build volume is 5.8 inches cube.

Complete build instructions are documented them on the Wiki on our website. See Our Combat Hexapod Wiki Documentation.


We are happy for you to source all the parts yourself, but if you want everything in one convenient package and wish to help support our projects, please consider purchasing a kit from our Vorpal Robotics Store. You can purchase just the non-3D printed parts, or all the parts, or a completely built hexapod, whatever meets your needs. Detailed technical information is on our Vorpal Hexapod Wiki and information on our other projects are on the Vorpal Robotics Website.