Manuvr PowerPlant

This is the power-management block of Manuvr’s motion-capture glove. It has been broken out as a module for testing and re-use.

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Intended usage is as a software-mediated single-cell Li-ion battery manager for cases needing bursts of a few watts and supporting long periods of quiescent standby.


  • Dual output
  • Secondary regulator has three voltages (0, 2.5, 3.3), and can be changed dynamically.
  • Fused battery (resetable)
  • Charger and fuel gauge are both i2c
  • Integrated 4-bit level-shifter (i2c capable)
  • Accepts up to 20v input
  • 2.54 headers
  • Single-sided assembly for easy thermal-relief


  • Battery must be Li-ion chemistry. 
  • Primary regulator is always on and fixed at a 3.3v output. 
  • No single regulator may provide more than 1.8A, and the module's maximum output wattage is 4.2 watts. See below. 

Charge and discharge rate on the battery must not exceed 1A, or the internal sense resistor in the fuel gauge will burn out. There is a resetable fuse to prevent damage, but this forms the limit on the module's practical output rating. However, the charger IC can handle up to a 20v input, and could conceivably draw more than the module's maximum output from the input source as it charges and powers the load. Fuse accordingly. :-)

  • 1 × BQ24155 Battery Charger
  • 1 × LTC2942-1 Fuel gauge
  • 1 × SC283 Power Management ICs / Switching Regulators and Controllers
  • 1 × LSF0204 Level-shifter

  • 2017.09.28: Initial log

    J. Ian Lindsay09/29/2017 at 04:45 0 comments

    This project is being posted as completed. Both i2c chips have linux kernel drivers, so if your intent is to use this with a linux SBC, it should fit right in.

    For microcontroller use, there is a driver in Manuvr for each individual part:
    BQ24155 well as a compound of these two drivers to reflect their specific and combined usage in this board.

    The Manuvr drivers will likely shift around, but they are basically working and would be a reasonable starting point for your own code.

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