tinyMonitor: an arm-mounted speaker.

how much sound can we crank out of tiny arm-mounted speakers?

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we spend our lives at desks. most desk-mounted speakers are lame. they're never quite at the right height, they're way too big, and they don't sound very good. here's my latest attempt to change that.

can you make tiny speakers which sound totally great? good enough for sound engineers to go to work? can you put these speakers at the ends of adjustable arms, so they can be wherever in three-dimensional space they need to be? why should they take up table-room? why can't they just float in midair, and still sound amazing?

tinyMonitor will test the true limits of tiny sound engineering. there are many reasons why this might be a terrible idea. not enough surface area to produce bass. too much vibration to be supported by a long arm. too little internal volume to maintain a linear air-spring. but i think i have solutions for all of these.

this project will describe a 2.1 speaker-subwoofer combo. momentum cancellation. even-harmonic reduction. a good time to be had by all.

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Coye Knoll wrote 10/12/2017 at 19:40 point

perhaps put a fan on the box to cover volume displacement factor of air in a ported box to get that added effect of clarity or volume your looking for with the higher quality sound in a tiny speaker thats loud without distortion it really all depends on the excursion of the speaker itself in its ability to displace air.

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