Pike River Mine ROV

Build an ROV that will enter the Pike River Mine and recover the remains of the workers

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in 19 November 2010 New Zealand was shaken by the Pike River Mine disaster, A methane explosion occurred in the mine at approximately 3:44 p.m resulting in 29 miners being trapped and killed. To this day the matter has been one of controversy as the "Experts" say they were killed during the explosion .

The mine was closed up and it was originally claimed that no attempts have been made since to enter the mine or try and recover the bodies.

4 ROV's have to date been sent in to the mine, the first was immediately after the incident and apparently the units failed due to water getting in to the battery area. two military units were later sent in and it appears these also failed. Quite likely this was due to them being tracked units and by the looks they were more modern EOD robots.

Video has recently surfaced of a 4th unit being sent in along with two miners wearing breathing gear. This unit seems to have had a power malfunction also and quite likely due to the wat

With the recent change of government in New Zealand talk of reopening the mine in order to recover the 29 lost workers is back on the table. There is great concern that this needs to be conducted safely as the mine is now filled with methane gas.

My hope is to be able to gain some funding via an online campaign and design, build and deploy an ROV purpose built to negotiate the mine, survey the tunnels and recover the 29 lost workers. 

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  • Drive System

    Boris van Galvin11/20/2017 at 06:26 0 comments

    The first ROV that entered the mine was a wheeled unit. the unit seemed to have no issues until it became soaked with water and the system shorted.
    The next two units were tracked what appear to be EOD units. they were both laying on their side indicating they may have fallen over of the tracks were jammed. 

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