Boris van Galvin

A bit of a mad scientist, started out as a tinkerer and a hobbyist then fell in to steampunk then in to the Fetish community.

Auckland, New Zealand
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Things I've Built


A sybian is an off the shelf sex machine however they come with plastic gears. I have rebuilt the shaft, changed the expensive bearings for skateboard bearings, replaced the gears and belt with heavy duty ones and modified the controls.


This is a modified Reciprocating Saw... The trigger has been removed and speed control has been altered in order to alloow for more stable operation. I turned the fitting from Aluminium and the rubber bits are available from shops.

Jacobs Ladder / HV Power Supply

This used 2 automotive ignition coils and initially a set of 2n3055's to drive it however i have since changed the driver to fets. The box also houses 2 12V gell cells and it fun to put on a bar then watch people some up and flick the switch.

My first attempt at a CHC machine.

I have since built another but this one worked well considering it was kind of thrown together from bits and pieces.

The Darwin Gun

This has a Horizontal Jacobs Ladder powered by a 12V battery and a flyback transformer. The end has a UV LED array and some glow in the dark plastic, the valves light up and pulsate and the gauge works.

Pith Helmet

The metal pate with the valves were fabricated and I built a pulsation circuit for the LED's that cause the valves to appear to pulsate. the circuit is based on an op amp and uses a 9V battery inside the helmet.

x-ray ban steampunk goggles

These were originally a set of plastic welding goggles, initially I was just going to cover the plastic in copper but ended up fabricating the entire thing. The only part that is original is the body and that is covered in leather.

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