Ivport V2 is available and compatible with Camera Module V2 which have 8 MP sensor.

More info at link below,


There are some different videos while switching view source between 4 Different raspberry Pi Camera Modules with using IVPort module. Bottom right corner video shows switching camera input while capturing video.

There are 4 cameras which are connected to Raspberry Pi via IVPort module.

Multiplex the number of usable camera module on Raspberry Pi from 1 to 4 with using one Ivport. It can multiplex from 1 to 16 with using 4 Ivport with stack.

Multiplexing can be controlled by 3 pins for 4 camera modules, 5 pins for 8 camera modules and 9 pins for 16 camera modules with using GPIO and external script library that written by Python.

Connectors: 15 Pin FFC CSI
Pinout: RaspberryPi CSI Connector Camera Pinouts
Protocol: MIPI

Propagation Delay between input and output: 0.5 ns

Switching Time from one channel to other channel: 50 ns (it can increase with depending to GPIO delay)

There are also risks that Raspberry Pi GPU is not open sourced therefore camera input will be supposed as only one camera is connected. It will be hard to implement more than one camera support into library. But it is worth the effort.