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    This tutorial will walk you through setting up your own Raspberry Pi time-lapse setup from beginning to end.

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    Hardware Setup

    To install the camera use the ribbon cable and press the side of the connector and pull up.


    Software Setup:

    To start this Raspberry Pi time-lapse project you will need a copy of Raspbian installed. And for this complete tutorial, we are going to use SSH only. So make sure to install any one serial terminal software.

    In this, I'm going to use MobaXtream, which is a more convenient tool to use SSH.


    Next, let's move to the programming part. Power on the Raspberry Pi and log in to SSH using the tool.


    Then update the software by using these commands.

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

    Next, we have to enable the camera interface in the Pi. Use the following commands to enter the Raspberry Pi configs.

    sudo raspi-config

    And select option 3, and enable the camera.


    And enable that.


    That's all next just reboot and log in again to the SSH