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My life has been a roller-coaster and no mistake. Its all been downhill for too long though, time to do something about that.

"Say hello to my little friend..."

As a child I was bullied by my peers and ignored by my parents, my father being the worst of the lot until my mother finally managed to get us all away from him. I spent my childhood in a tiny rural English village that is frequented by royalty being the home of international Polo in the UK. Among a group of privileged youngsters I got to goal-judge and score for the rich and powerful as they played, and hung around the stables and the functions. Seemed pretty normal to me, some kids had a paper round to make some pocket money, and Royalty has always done as it pleases... So, despite wanting none of that world for myself I was already outside the working-class background I come from, and as a result didnt have many friends either. So I hid in the library and the computer room, or roamed the local countryside the rest of the time, and nobody paid attention to my dreams, not even me.

I was told not to dream, punished for not learning quickly enough and told I was useless so by the time my exams came around I just didnt bother revising, and left school to be a groundskeeper at a local hospital before I'd even passed them all with flying colours. Computers absorbed most of my free time and I didnt mind grubbing in the dirt for my keep and chasing student nurses around the accommodation.

Recreational drugs, alcohol, motorbikes, heavy metal and a series of jobs ranging from horticulture to heavy industry followed that, until I decided to see the world and find myself, and trampled back and forth all over Europe for a few months until the Wall fell. I was in Cologne, and I really wanted a piece, but I couldnt even get near it so I went back home to Blighty and wound up homeless, where I met the kids mum... That story is an epic in itself, but skipping over it just leads me to creating BLAIR, AIME and the other robots that I dreamed about as a child, and our government kindly destroyed and are preventing me from developing even today.

For what reason I cannot discern, but there must be deeper reasoning than just using me as free care for Bea because they dont get a penny from what I do.

This is the purpose of Obsidian, to hack a decent life for me an Bea out of MorningStar without putting her in care or me dying homeless and penniless, too old to care for Bea or work, and without a pension or savings - which is what the f*ing Tories have in store for me when I'm done.

I'm not down with that, I think I've got a lot more to give the planet before I'm gone for starters, and there is a sense of injustice to it even if I didnt. There's a lot more to a human being than being human, and that's all I've ever tried to do. Our so-called leaders should learn this.

If you have a suggestion or a criticism, this is the place for it. Ironically, I am the one thing I can claim very little expertise in. ;-)

  • Counter-Intelligence

    Morning.Star11/19/2019 at 18:49 1 comment


    Prior to the meeting, the minutes for which having been made confidential, the benefits agency sent me this gem.

    Hench, confident of his latest work, had informed them of an imminent change in my circumstances...

    It made me sweat a bit, until the Best Interests Meeting where he was removed from the case.

    However, I breezed in there and told them he'd been removed, and filled in enough blanks to incriminate the council without thumping Igor. He'd called me earlier in the day to discuss things and was rather anxious as to what I'd be declaring.

    Well, I didnt see any point in shooting myself in the foot with sanctions, so I kept it brief and stuck to the point.


    They didnt seem bothered by the fact I'm owed all that money, because they have a solution. One that I've been scared away from with rumour, and advised against by WSCC employees - for good reason.

    Universal Credit still isnt universal, and its still broken, but they have fixed some of the problems. Its designed to be fair, where existing benefits are not, and up til lately wouldnt support me.

    Turns out the benefits agency arent the ogres they have appeared to be either thanks to the likes of Hench's skullduggery and are actually on my side.

    So the UC deal is:

    1 ) Over twice the income a month compared to Income Support

    2) I can work as many hours a month I like so long as I declare earnings

    3) I can earn nearly £300 a month before it affects UC, and then 60p for every pound over the cap is deducted from UC.

    4) All of my rent is paid on top of the above figure directly to the landlord (and the Council can suck it).

    5) I also still get Carer's Allowance on top of the above, £64 a week, until it is paid via UC eventually.


    I can save up enough money fairly quickly for a solicitor to drag the District Council into a magistrates court and get my moolah back - meanwhile Igor has suddenly 'found' an advocate who can negotiate with them and is setting that up in any case.

  • Blunt Tools

    Morning.Star11/07/2019 at 23:03 1 comment

    I'm still waiting on the minutes.

    In the meantime, I gave the MP a prod. I mean, this is getting a bit daft. Clearly they didnt think this through very thoroughly as usual.

    Walking all over these dozy bastards is pretty easy really. Thats another social worker who wont be trying their hand against a MorningStar.

    I took a crucifix and bent it into a ball with my bare hands in front of everyone. Was there any symbolism to that? I dont know, I'm a Holist, so it probably means more to someone with a more passionate faith than it does to me. One thing was agreed, nobody had seen anything like that before, so I kept it for my name, although weirdly I'd already chosen it, and I discovered the formula later.

    Someone is obviously on my side.

    Its not the first time I saw something before it happened, either, I have many paintings. The last was barely started, and will remain unfinished seeing as it is of another of their weapons I saw coming. Luckily, she wasnt present, or Igor's sexual harassment accusations would have been met with a painting of a princess, with a unicorn.

    Poor kid. I felt sorry for her, so that couldve been a lot worse.

    That brings the grand total to sexual, mental and physical abuse of a disabled person, fraud, neglect, negligence, criminal psychology, radicalisation, terrorist acts, and recently delusion and sexual harassment that local authority have aimed at me in an attempt to cover up ADC's fraud and their collusion.

    Hopefully Hench is being chastised for failing dismally at smearing me, after they sent in a blind woman and guide dog before him. Perhaps they expected her to trip over the evidence so she could sue me for damages as well.

    Just cant make it up.

    Get a f*ing court order, or take a hike you frauds. Provide decent care, and give me my money back, or expect this to get a fuckton heavier with every iteration.

  • Both Barrels

    Morning.Star10/24/2019 at 15:49 3 comments

    Igor, Master of Understatement has spoken.

    He seems to think that just because I lost my temper and shouted at Hench for slandering me that gives him some form of authority over me.

    He's wrong about that, but then he's woefully ill-informed by his subordinates. Well, I guess that will teach him not to delegate mitigation to the moron that caused the problem in the first place.

    Social Services consider themselves both a safety net for victims, and civil enforcement for protagonists, as well as liaison and signposting for the organisations that make up the social care sector. As a result, they think of themselves as part of local authority.

    Unfortunately they are staffed by busybodies and do-gooders with almost zero training - social worker is a vocational career and the best qualification to become one is to be a survivor of something. Speaking from experience, trauma clouds one's judgement of a situation, and psychological damage doesnt qualify anyone as experienced.

    Hardly social, and not a lot of service. Luckily, being a civil organisation, they dont have automatic power of attorney and have to apply for it through a judge like anyone does. Even a police officer has limited authority if there is no threat to order and law and only in a public place. I should know, I've spoken to quite a few recently about this as they visited me in my home looking for weapons, evidence of abuse, criminal activities and the like.

    Needless to say they didnt find anything but an extremely irate man and his disabled daughter struggling without appropriate resources, with an unbelievable story. Which they then investigated, validated, and reported to Social Services to resolve.

    They didnt, so I took the law into my own hands a little and snarled at Hench until he ran and hid behind his supervisor. Well Igor isnt about to admit authorising any of his filth, which is why he reinstalled Hench after allegedly disciplining him while he was suspended for the Ombudsman investigation.

    I wondered how he got away with that. Igor gave him a holiday and told him to lay low, did absolutely nothing.

    Not this time...

  • Sticks and Stones

    Morning.Star10/19/2019 at 06:51 1 comment

    Hench attempted a coup, and failed - for which he has paid the ultimate price.

    At the beginning of this year Hench's reputation was in tatters. He'd failed to provide any service whatsoever and annoyed me to the point of threatening litigation, so in desperation I employed two near neighbours using funding from the government as carers for Bea. Yeah, I know, and it didnt work out so well...

    Later Hench discovered probably the worst care agency in the country and sent them in. Bea and I befriended one of the carers, a girl half my age pregnant with twins who complained about her boss and the conditions her job imposed on her elsewhere. Probably a mistake, but I had words with her manager about that, and offered my services to assist the old bag with her micromanaged and inefficient scheduling that needed dragging into the 20th Century first, and then updating with a mobile solution. That didnt work out so well either, she threw the contract and lost yet another mutual friend of me and Bea. These people are as rare as unicorns...

    Back to today, and I still dont have carers after months of Hench telling me it was impossible to find someone despite advertising. Now, granted it is extremely hard to get anyone to do anything these days without flashing significant cash at them, but now I find out he's been taking the piss.

    I began to get frustrated and left a few less than polite messages asking where my services were and managed to upset him, whereupon I got called delusional, and dangerous, and some kind of sex pest regarding the carers. It got real nasty but thats invariably water off a ducks back to me. However it transpires thats what he's been telling the carers, and naturally being short-staffed they just wont take the contract.

    In these circumstances, two carers are required to attend for their own safety. And they dont have spare carers, so...

    Well, I hit the roof.

    Next thing I know I'm again denied access to our legal framework as DoLs back out - Thanks for that BTW, that was really helpful - and I'm right back to Square One with Hench.

    Oh, really. Well you understood wrong.

    And no it wont, and I'm perfectly aware who the legal advocate is, so they can take a hike.

    And you can look all you like, but unless you can provide decent one-to-one care that doesnt involve me doing or supervising it on benefits - or me being thrown onto the streets in debt, branded a failure and a pervert, then you arent going to like my views very much.

    And I dont recall asking you to do any of that in the first place, you pompous and officious little rodent.

    So I called Igor, and enquired whether he had authorised or even condoned Hench's behaviour and intimated that if he did, I'd sue his stupid ass for it personally instead of Hench's. No, wait, as well as.

    I was rather indignant XD

    Igor has learned to respect me, and only had Hench deal with me because he isnt skilled enough. Thats why he chose Hench, who he sees as an expert in care and a part-time rock star, thinking I'd respect him automatically. Well Igor has been wrong about a few other things lately, and agreed that was perhaps a poor choice.

    Hench is gone then, and wont interact further. Hooray!

    I also reminded Igor about my lack of representation at said meeting, and reminded him I was on a waiting list for an advocacy service, and he took it upon himself to prioritise that as well. Next thing I know, I have an assessment for an advocate and the meeting has been moved to the 5th Nov...

    The day before Bea's birthday as it happens. It is also an auspicious day in the UK. From Wikipedia...

    Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night, or sometimes Firework Night.

    An effigy of Fawkes, burnt on 5 November 2010 at Billericay

    Guy Fawkes Night originates from the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, a failed conspiracy by a group of provincial English Catholics to assassinate the Protestant King James I of England and replace him with a Catholic head of state. In the immediate aftermath of the 5 November arrest of Guy Fawkes...

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  • Getting On My Wick

    Morning.Star10/16/2019 at 19:22 9 comments

    DoLs pulled out, stating that as they were in fact not asked to authorise Bea's care at the time of the incident they did not have a case to put to the Court of Protection - and therefore would not be assisting me.

    Thats the final straw, I'm not going to be slandered and fucked over by those monsters for a measly £14k, the council can keep it. The social's Best Interests meeting next week will be focused on Bea getting one-to-one care and me getting passage out of this fuckhole debt free without me terminating anyone.

    I'd rather go work for Ada than put up with this. No brainer. For my daughter I'll put up with a lot, but hands and knees scraping up body fluids again, nah, not to be laughed at, and not to be slandered as delusional, dangerous, or some kind of pervert even for money.

    Bea doesnt have a problem with it, she hates this house, is fed up with the builders and the unfinished park and from the looks of it, me as well. I'm sick of her walking around naked, and this latest BS with the contraceptives that DoLs have also neatly sidestepped just leaves me hanging.

    The carers also predictably didnt want to touch the contract and also quit.

    Well, Shit.

    So do I then.

    They can keep their web of lies and struggle for control, Imma just walk out of here. Before they do drive me mad, or I do hurt myself or someone else.

  • In The Nick Of Time

    Morning.Star10/12/2019 at 09:40 3 comments

    Poor Hench. He really hasnt got a leg to stand on. Its Garthoks all the way down...

    I've begun sharing this recent document chain with the agencies that are involved, but not with Hench. He's on his own, and he's going to find out what it feels like when some arrogant tosser with a big stick annexes your resources and support.

    Those weapons turned out to be very useful when he dropped them and ran like a coward back in his Ivory Tower after attempting to wield them against me.

    He's really professional too. "...delusional little man, nothing; just a carer and nothing more... weird... dangerous..."

    I've been called far worse, and you can bet he has.

    And, as I have just had to deal with Bea's period that I knew was going to hit me this weekend, I've just reported it as an offence and cited Hench as the abuser. I'll do it again tomorrow too.


    He's going to wish he'd never heard of me by the time I am done.

    Again and again.

    This time I tagged the report with the ones about Candid Camera Guy and Pussy Galore, for which I have file references. I shouldnt have to do Police work for them, but when it comes to it I want a nice cohesive report detailing all the offences that I can present to the Court of Protection.

    If I leave it to our understaffed and overworked law enforcement, it will be a pile of random complaints and visits to my property that mean very little - if I can even get them all together in a report.

    They do actually have better things to do with their time than chase their own masters for corruption I guess, and we're too busy having fun.

    Well, most of us are. The Tentacles never rest, even when I sleep.

  • Down To The Wire

    Morning.Star10/03/2019 at 15:02 3 comments

    It doesnt matter if your entire government is corrupt, and your PM even defies the Supreme Court in a vain effort to wrest control from his people. They still cant get away with it unless you let them.

    And I'm not.

    Brexit is a sham, but not for the reasons you'd think. Boris wants to use the opportunity of regaining the UK's lawmaking ability to consolidate Central Government's power over Parliament, who debate the laws ratified by the Supreme Court. He'd rather control rested in his fat and grubby hands. And if he has his way, we the people can say goodbye to the last shreds we have of our rights that are currently still protected by the

    Which I am denied access to by our legal framework - which I am also denied access to by the changes made by this administration. I cannot get Legal Aid to take Local Authority to court for fraud and rights abuses against myself and my daughter, and I have had to fight tooth and nail just to get recognition from the various agencies within it that I am literally enslaved by these additions to our already broken system.

    I've been spied on, lied to, defrauded of thousands of pounds and my daughter has been coersively institutionalised and injured by neglect more than once to hide these transgressions until they can be further marginalised in the wake of the new laws created by regaining control in the wake of Brexit.

    Now they want me to defraud the benefits agency, claiming I am disabled by my daughters disabilities for the rest of my life because I am her carer - when they could in fact provide that care themselves. It IS law after all.

    The whole case hinges on whether Bea has capacity to make her own decisions, a duty that has been accorded to me as a carer and advocate, however as I am not volunteering for this duty willingly that advocacy isnt recognised.

    Enter Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding Team, a part of the Court of Protection.

    This agency was engaged by Social Services in an attempt to get authorisation to keep Bea at a care home until recently - they gave consent for her to be detained and her freedoms restricted, and for decisions regarding medication and treatment to be made for her. They couldnt overrule me legally however, and were more than horrified to learn that they had trampled my rights by accident - they didnt know I existed, because Social Services lied to them. And now, having learned of the full story, are in the process of putting an application in to the Court of Protection to discuss the details of it in front of a Judge.


    One of the things authorised by DoLs is medication. Bea's been placed on a contraceptive pill, which helps with her demeanour as well as prevents bleeding. She doesnt need contraception, and that was only done to make it easier for the carers to manage her personal care. She's about to run out of these pills and as a male I am not entitled to procure them for her. They literally wont give me them because I'm a bloke, and the care homes have been securing them for her during her Respite breaks with DoLs permission.

    It was the only legal way Social Services could force me to continue caring myself - and now I have annexed DoLs that reign of terror is over. As soon as the course finishes I'll have to deal with her bleeding again, and I've already managed to establish this is a violation of human rights with the help of the police.

    They have given me advocacy, which means that if I were to be forced to deal with this again I'd have the right to report each day's care schedule as an assault and cite the social worker as the abuser by proxy. Nasty, dirty, shitty interdepartmental war between two halves of our governments enforcement arm...

    I called them and reminded them about the bomb ticking in Bea's knickers

    And all hell broke loose.

    So on Monday I now have a care agency visiting to negotiate Bea's care, and I can rest knowing that our legal system...

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  • Call To Arms

    Morning.Star09/16/2019 at 06:45 1 comment

    As I wrote in #I Want To Be A Hacker which probably says it best...

    I backed up my last email first to The Sun, and @Dr. Cockroach also has emailed them enclosing my story, which is at if you havent been following along.

    I dont blame you, but FFS, right? This cant go on.

    Please, do me and Bea a favour and email The Sun or one of the UK's other national papers with your take on it if this annoys you. Doesnt matter where in the world you are, and even if its just a few lines, every word counts.

  • Momentary Lapse Of Reason

    Morning.Star09/13/2019 at 12:26 9 comments

    I may have upset Hench a little.

    I dont usually lose my temper with him, despite our differences of opinion, but after the tabloid I chose to bust this story open declined to even contact me [Hello, The Sun. Really helpful of you, thanks] I was already a little truculent.

    I'd left him a message, and feeling particularly pensive I bought a bottle of rum to calm my nerves and completely forgot all about that. I only had a glass, it wasnt like I was drunk when he called me back to update me on his progress. He told me proudly of having put out an advert, which had 64 responses to it, all negative.

    That pissed me off though. Nobody answers an advert to say they arent interested in the contract on offer. They ignore it. Unless of course they have good reason not to, in which case they will complain. Well if they had complained about me or Bea in some way as part of their refusal Hench would have gleefully heaped it upon me, so obviously his advert did nothing but rile the care sector who are underfunded, understaffed and overworked and already refusing to assist Social Services at a national level. I'm requesting that the advert and the responses to it be made available; as her care manager I should have been copied in as a matter of course.

    I also remonstrated with him about the neglect leading to Bea being injured and then treated more than once in care, and he denied all knowledge - which explains why DoLs are so ambivalent. They have been lied to, and have two conflicting stories, one from a Social Services manager, and one from an irate advocate with an unbelievable story that probably counters the manager's diametrically. What the DoLs Practitioner SHOULD do in this situation is apply to the Court of Protection for a ruling based on an assessment of the situation, but thats not possible until Keri has a recognised advocate in the form of a deputy, and they wont recognise me formally as in authority.

    I may have called Hench fucking useless - and to be fair he had a right to defend himself - but he blamed the carers that his organisation are responsible for, so they all got called fucking useless too. Then he tried his usual tack of blaming the economy, and the government got called fucking useless as well. I think he knew he wasnt on a winning streak, because he then switched to email.


    For the non-musical [ Hench is in fact an accomplished musician ] I should explain.

    6-8 refers to a time signature in musical notation. Most modern music is based on 4-4, a system where the timing is divisible by two's which makes it easy to dance to. 3-4 is pretty specialised and is heard mostly in Waltzes, and 6-8 is rarer still and most often found in Jazz... And nobody can dance to that nonsense lol.

    I think he liked the cussing better, because presently this appeared.

    Which put a stop to the emails until this morning, when I could call Disability Living Allowance who are a pain in the arse to get hold of.

    Yes folks, thats what an apology for being fucking useless looks like. He hasnt done a single thing that me, him, his manager and the housing agents agreed on so they'd get their money. I'm keeping my end of that bargain, and the agents backed up so rapidly there was a disturbance in local space-time.

    That explains then, why the District Council kept my tenancy open for 5 weeks after I signed the new lease and continued to raid my bank account for it, and you guys think I'm a Time Traveller. XD

    However, speaking to DLA when I finally got through was most revealing.

    Which all basically boils down to

    a) Bea is entitled to full Housing Benefit just through having the High Rate Care component, however she is also entitled to High Rate Mobility by the DoLs assessment of her behaviour and capacity that requires her liberty to be monitored.

    b) I am also entitled to my own DLA award because...

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  • Press Release #2

    Morning.Star09/04/2019 at 18:12 12 comments

    OK, I've rewritten it taking @salec 's kind comments into consideration.

    I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm stomping around, but I have to get the message across somehow and drawing on the awesome things you guys have said about and to me is really all I have.

    And now I dont fit through a normal door anymore. ;-p

    My name is Jez Boxall,
    although outside of the UK I’m better known as Morning.Star.

    I’m a carer, my eldest daughter Keri [Bea to her friends] lives with me because she has severe learning difficulties, but still wishes to live in the community rather than be literally locked up in a care home and largely ignored – worse, have all her property stolen repeatedly, and be neglected to the point of injury. That only happened because Social Services repeatedly kept attacking me, her carer and advocate, to try and institutionalise her anyway. I’ve been unfairly accused of everything from narcotics and alcohol to sexual abuse, and the charges dropped when Social Services couldnt provide evidence, overruled, sanctioned, thrown out of my home, defrauded by local authority, my reputation smeared and my work destroyed and finally been enslaved by a corrupt authority as a carer on benefits, unable to work or realise my potential, and unable to obtain justice for me and Bea.

    Since then I have been kept in poverty to prevent me getting legal assistance, on Income Support, and forced to do all the care work myself, unpaid, and against regulation – as an adult male I’m not really allowed to help with female personal care, but my daughter doesnt mind as I’m her dad. Its me who has issues with her walking around naked, and with her periods, and bathing, and, and…

    I should have a female carer come in daily to assist her, but Social Services are incapable of supplying one, and insist she’d be better off in a home. Under these conditions they may even be right, but Social Services created these conditions and I’m her dad so I wont betray the trust she has in me. Besides which, as soon as they have their hands on her I’ll be made obsolete and thrown onto the streets in debt, branded a failure, and unable to speak for her when she is again abused.

    I am also better known as Morning.Star [1] to the rest of the world. I have world records to my name [2], awards and accolades, and even things named after me [3]. I’m an influential member of an international organisation of makers called Hackaday [4], where I release my work and research into robotics and artificial intelligence, and computer engineering [5], and have fun taking things apart and making crazy new things out of the pieces. I also post my artwork [6], music, and musings on the world, and talk with some of the worlds most intelligent people - my friends, who I might add are disgusted with what I’ve had to endure in this country. But they are unable to help, merely watch in frustration. I’m known in 34 countries, not including the UK where I am just marginalised.

    I’ve been compared to Tesla, to Escher, to Turing, and to DaVinci in the last two years, also to Superman and Batman, Doctor Who, James Bond, and a few lesser known but equally legendary figures from modern culture too. And lately, my story has been described as Dickensian, which I’m not so happy about.

    I’m a multiple genius working across 7 distinct fields, and some of the things I have done are truly mindblowing. I built a tiny version of a popular geek toy that turned out to be the worlds smallest, so I made one half the size and have plans to build one half that size when I have the funds. The techniques I created and adapted for this piece have now been adopted into the maker community and restarted a trend of hand-built ‘Deadbugged’ electronics design, this time in miniature. And after Nintendo realised what a great idea making robots out of cardboard was, they took that and created Labo, and didnt even credit me (or Hackaday) for it, [7] despite the project giving me my name and reputation....

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Nathan Wride wrote 11/08/2019 at 03:36 point

I have a really close friend that is heavily schizophrenic, you remind me of him quite a lot. I should give him a call. I'm sorry things are bad for you IRL, but your hacks are great and I hope they fulfill you.

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Morning.Star wrote 11/17/2019 at 13:19 point

Thanks for the comments :-) Yeah, I'd like to find a way to hack 'for a living' if I can because this sucks as it goes. Hey look after your friend if he has that because what I've been through, being victimised, puts one in the same place mentally and I understand how dark that can get.

I do have synaesthesia. But I cant even get a diagnosis for that, because its not what anyone would call detrimental.

I'm getting there though, and comments like that really help with feeling like it.

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serrajusting wrote 09/13/2019 at 17:43 point

I do like the graphic

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serrajusting wrote 09/13/2019 at 17:43 point

why is this here?

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James Finch wrote 09/13/2019 at 18:12 point

I was wondering the same just now after a brief cursory review. 

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Dr. Cockroach wrote 09/13/2019 at 19:27 point

@Morning.Star is my best friend and this page into his life is an example of how the social care system and housing in his country has been repeatedly failing his daughter and himself. Hacking/making/fixing is not restricted to electronics but applied to social system structure as well. Hope that helps a bit in understanding what is going on here as I see it.

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Morning.Star wrote 09/13/2019 at 23:31 point

@Dr. Cockroach likewise my friend. Yeah, thats a pretty good description. Its a redacted document chain, with commentary, a story grown so epic I have trouble believing it myself. So, next to my other work, it serves as a sort of ground in a bizarre twist.

I love irony, so virtualising the evidence for my unreal existence appealed to my sense of humour, and it helps me connect with it in the absence of decent psychiatric guidance.

It takes metal balls to tell a police officer you are a monstrous hacker, and then show him round your Secret Laboratory, festooned with robot parts, AI running in the corner, and a disabled adult with challenging behaviours in Reception. Bea loves our boys in blue, they are kind to her and respectful to me, but then I know a thing or two about metal balls as well as our laws and socio-economic systems.

Read in entirety this project documents the last two years in a 5 year war with my local government as they attempt to destroy me and my work, ruin my reputation and trample my and my daughters rights to hide its own fraud and corruption.

If I werent one of the worlds leading expert in robotics and AI and the UK's most influential hacker, they would just get away with throwing me on the streets in debt and institutionalising my daughter, which they have attempted on four separate occasions now. Each time I have caught them red-handed and exposed and documented it here in Obsidian, and linked to the 'protest art' for want of better words that are some of my other work and projects created specifically to Take The Piss in response.

As Doc said, it is one of the most outrageous hacks ever. Without access to our legal system and with but a handful of scrap and my wits, Ive made every agency that is complicit reveal the others involvement to save their own skins, but instead of taking action there and then I have collected it here, where it is evidence I can use of corruption.

Yeah, I hacked the UK government, and thats why this is here. And no, I didnt break any laws doing it, thats not how we do things around here. ;-)

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Morning.Star wrote 01/31/2018 at 06:32 point

Oh you are shitting me. I just looked into crowdfunding a solicitor and they even have me over a barrel there. I looked into the regulations that govern income to see if raising money charitably counts as it.

Currently the regulations are that on Income Support, anything I solicit is income so anything donated over £20 per week goes to the government up to the value of the benefit, and over a certain limit the benefits cut off. Gifts dont count, so I cant ask for donations, only receive them, and begging is illegal anyway.

On disability benefits anything over a certain limit triggers a cut off, but I can raise money say for equipment or services without penalty.

Basically what this means is I cant crowdfund a solicitor unless I get off Income Support, which is impossible because I'm a Council tenant. The rent pays itself all the time I'm on benefits, so as soon as I leave I have to cover Council Tax as well, and guess who decides which benefit I'm on?

The benefits agency, under advice from a doctor... Social Services are supposed to have no influence over this, but here medical ethics prevent that from happening by refusing the case when the doctor is no longer impartial. So I remain untreated for depression and the effects of stress and abuse.

Day after day this goes on. Unpaid slavery and theft if I work, censorship if I dont. All three are illegal, never mind the shit they already pulled. I've already been suicidal, left to cure myself and carry on with the knowledge nothing will change because I'm responsible for another life besides my own.

I should warn you that I've bounced off a truck, been poisoned, electrocuted, beaten, had migraines half my life, been homeless, faced bigotry, insults, a knife wielding maniac, and faced an entire panel of your experts before and won - how else would Bea be in my care after what I've been accused of - so you Andrew, are just annoying. OK very annoying, but you dont have what it takes to break me.

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Morning.Star wrote 01/30/2018 at 14:22 point

Sorry Sandra, your washing machine will have to wait until Thursday, because Bea is home tomorrow. As one of my old friends, you're quite comfortable about asking me to fix that. You know I will if I can, and ask nothing for doing it.

Have you thought about that, Andrew? It isnt just me I'm whining about when I say I cant use these hands of mine. Every piece a master piece, even a old piece of junk washing machine belonging to a friend.

It's bad enough you deny me that ability, and tell me everything else I do is worthless, and then you have the nerve to deny me support by compromising my doctor so she cant treat me? You're a worthless human being dude, you keep kidding yourself that being a social worker gives you Karma.

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Morning.Star wrote 01/22/2018 at 14:00 point

I know you'll never read this, fat old man shuffling past me on the way into town, but if if I'm a C*nt, then that makes you a useless, stupid, mouthy, old C*nt.

Lets have some perspective here.

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