Both drone and wearable are powered by Arduino boards that communicate through auto-paired HC-06 and HC-05 Bluetooth breakout boards to send sensor readings.

The drone flies with a Naza M-Lite hooked up with an Arduino Mega micro-controller that drives the PWM signals for the drone's pitch, roll and throttle. A conventional receiver is also connected to the Arduino to enable a Spektrum transmitter catered for the "Safety Co-Pilot" while the wearable is in control.

The wearable is packed with two sensors(accelerometer and ultrasonic sensor) and an Arduino Pro Mini-5v juiced up with 2 x CR2032 battery cells(6v). The accelerometer's X and Y values are linearly correlated to the drone's amount of roll and pitch respectively, capped at +/- 250us of the default PWM signals( ideally at 1500us). For the drone's throttle and take-off function, I used an ultrasonic sensor that measures the hand's height from the table.

All codes and schematic diagrams are available