Wireless Mailbox Notifier

Recieve notification when mail has been delivered

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The mailbox was equipped with an ultrasonic sensor and 2 microswitches. The arduino would click a relay upon detecting mail being put in, but not when mail was taken out. This was accomplished by devising an order of actions that a typical mailperson would carry out. The relay would activated a wireless transmitter that would play a tone inside a house. The arduino used the narcoleptic library allowing power draw to be dramatically lowered by powering only what was needed, thus improving battery life.

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G. Rosa wrote 08/26/2021 at 19:50 point

A most creative idea setting up a mailbox with a relay using an ultrasonic sensor along with an Arduino in order to detect incoming mail.  Would really like to do that for my own mail box.  This would be most advantageous particularly to those who are handicapped or even those who may be awaiting an important letter.

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