Raman probe and alignment guideMAR10.zip

*UPDATED* 3/10/2018

This is the final production ready version of the Raman probe and laser aignment guide block.

.STL mesh file

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Updates FEB11.zip

This update includes a re-designed Raman Probe (needed because I had to widen the slot for the Raman filter,) and redesigned the re-focusing lens to accomodate the 13mm doublet lens.

Tessallation - Netgen/very fine.

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Updated the spectrometer enclosure ( fixed alignment issue @ entrance slit as it related to 1st reflecting mirror, aligned @ centerline now.) All other files the same. 1) Diffraction grating mounting block 2) Concave mirror mounting block 3) Lid (for enclosure) 4) Spectrometer enclosure 5) Rear fiber optic port 6) front fiber optic port 7) Raman probe platform 8) Raman probe 9) Re-focusing lens (fits in rear fiber optic port) 10) Laser alignment guide block 11) Laser collimation tube Sec. 1a 12) Laser collimation tube Sec. 1b 13) Laser collimation tube Sec. 1c

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