The base diameter of the shade is 2.5" OD, and the inner cutout circle is 1.5" diameter. If that's different that what your particular lamp needs, then of course this shade will not work for you without modification.

My original shades had ventilation holes in the base. I eliminated these for 2 reasons: 1) Since I'm using LEDs, heat isn't an issue and it prints faster without them. 2) The ring that locks the shade in place was completely blocking the holes anyway. Great design. :)

In the photo of the shades installed, the color difference is because 3 of the bulbs are CFL and 2 are LED. I'm replacing the rest with LED tomorrow.

The 3 shades on the right are the new ones. The 2 on the left are the original shades, for size and shape comparison.


Should be no post-processing required, unless you elect to use a skirt or brim, in which case of course you'll have to clean those up.

The main shell prints in 2 passes, so you likely will have a seam running down one side, unless you choose to print with random layer starting positions. When installing, orient the shade so this seam faces away from the viewer for best aesthetics.

The inner diameter of the shade is a bit smaller than the original shades, so you might want to get someone with smaller hands to help with the install if you are a guy with big hands.

(All this information is also available on the Thingiverse page, linked at left)