Keyboardio Atreus tackpoint mod

adding a trackpoint to the Keyboardio Atreus

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I had some RSI and only used laptops with trackpoints, which i found really useful, even essential in my workflow.
Really like the design of the Atreus and even started building one at some point but never finished. This project is my solution to all those things and one more: i use a lot of layers on my Atreus and got stuck in one i rarely use by accident sometimes, the 5 WS2812 LEDs i added solve that by functioning as a layer indicator while also letting the keyboard say trans rights.

If you too would like to upgrade your Atreus in this manner i've made instructions and source files available on my GitLab(see links)
  • 1 × Trackpoing from a 2nd or 3rd gen Thinkpad keyboard
  • 4 × M2 12mm screws
  • 4 × M2 nuts
  • 2 × 4.7K chip resistors
  • 1 × 100K chip resistor

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