• Measurements and conceptual drawings

    Trysten Den Hartog01/24/2018 at 05:57 0 comments

    FIrst log entry for the project includes the initial measurements of individual parts of the headphones, and a quick concept model. While tedious, this will pay off in the end as I want to have a full assembly in ONShape (all files will be open source) so I can visualize the assembly and reduce iteration. There really is an interesting approach to the design by the original designers to have swivel and extending features for the drivers. I want to maintain the original fit/form; as seen by the photos there are some tricky features which may require additional parts. The tricky features mainly consist of small indents for indexing of the driver in swivel and extension. This will be made more clear in future posts.

    As always I try to keep number of parts in an assembly at a minimum. The idea I originally had was to have it all one piece, but some of these small details will require a multi part assembly.

    Next step will be to draw a couple concepts on how I would like the assembly to go together. The best concept will be the one that both is relatively easy to print, assemble, and still maintain the extend/ swivel of the headphones. 

    1 peice concept model
    unfinished quick CAD of the band
    Measurements of some parts
    Measurement station