This project does not have many details. Essentially it was an excuse for me to learn 3D CAD and to get something 3D printed for the first time. I think 3D printing is fantastic, but I am not particularly fascinated by the printing of gadgets and trinkets. So this project presented an way for me to print something useful, because spare parts were non-existent, and the shape of the part was relatively simple.

I spent a few weekends learning the basics of CAD, and had to delete my attempts to draw the part several times. I made some hand drawings of the part with my stationary ruler as a measuring tool (I didn't need high accuracy) and eventually sent the part off to Shapeways for printing. The cost of postage was more than the part ($2). What really made me happy though was that the part worked flawlessly, and has done so for the ensuing 2 years.

I will definitely be using 3D printing in the future to print spare parts where spare parts cannot be bought or found, and I think it is a great way to keep belongings out of the landfill when a simple 3D printed fix will do the job.