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Ever lug around a laptop just to test network ports? The idea behind Thing2Ping is simple: it's a thing.. to ping. Imagine a lightweight pocket sized device that speaks DHCP, will display to you on a crisp OLED display its IP assignment, and then will begin pinging the assigned gateway, displaying live statistics. Need a canary in the coal mine to let you know when you've accidentally unplugged your uplink? Let Thing2Ping chirp its shrill little piezoelectric warning when the network becomes unreachable. Ping Thing2Ping's IP address from a remote computer to verify the connectivity of a network segment, test your routing tables, double check that keystone jack replacement, and more. The possibilities are limited!

Huzzah! My parts are here! Now to get down to work...


  • Adapt Adafruit SSD1306 demo code to do my bidding
  • Put logo on the screen
  • Put sample text on screen
  • Change SPI pins in Adafruit code to share MISO/MOSI/SCK with EtherCard sketch
  • Get EtherCard and SSD1306 running in harmony
  • Bells
  • Whistles

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  • Wiring up the picture maker

    chris0x0012/16/2014 at 23:32 0 comments

    Day 1, parts are here, and I'm playing with this cool OLED display from Adafruit. My goal today is get a logo on there, and maybe some sample text that will eventually show ping statistics. After this is complete I'll follow the outline in the project roadmap and move SPI pins around.

    13 is going to RST for OLED, but is used as SCK for EtherCard sketch, will assign something else for RST

    ~10 is CLK on OLED, that will be changed to 13

    12 is SS on OLED, this will be MISO, will pick something else for SS

    ~11 is "D/C" (data/command) on OLED, I don't know that is (SI?)

    8 will be used as SS for EtherCard


    Connections for ethercard on Uno

    SCK - 13 (19/PB5/PCINT5/SCK)
    SO - 12 (18/PB4/PCINT4/PWM/MISO)
    SI - ~11 (17/PB3/OC2A/PCINT3/PWM/MOSI)
    CS - 8 (14/PB0/CLK0/PCINT0/ICP1)

    OLED display on SPI

    GND goes to ground
    Vin goes to 5V
    DATA to digital 9
    CLK to digital 10 (SCK)
    D/C to digital 11
    RST to digital 13
    CS to digital 12

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    Step 1

    Pins selections are going to be moving around, nothing to start putting together in this section yet. USB 5V supply tapped on Trinket "BUS" pin feeding "5V" pin on battery charger. "BAT" out of battery charger feeds Trinket "BAT" pin. "3V" output pin on Trinket feeds enc28j60 breakout board.

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Eric Hertz wrote 01/07/2015 at 12:02 point

"The possibilities are limited!" Awesome. Except this is a pretty good set of possibilities. Yeah, link-lights definitely lie. Frankly, link-lights are darn-near useless; they aughtta use something like this.

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