μHack - DIY Hardware Hacking for Everyone

The μHack is a simple, penny-sized micro-controller running designed to bring DIY hardware hacking to everyone!

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The μHack is a penny-sized, Arduino-compatible micro-controller designed to bring DIY hardware programming to everyone. It's simplicity, flexibility and ease-of-use makes it perfect for beginners and experts alike.

The μHack is powered by the Atmel ATtiny84A, a high-performance and an unbelievably low power consumption micro-processor. It's very small form-factor (0.7" x 0.7") makes it very easy to put it in almost any thing you want to hack. We've also developed an interactive block-diagram programming software for the μHack, for those beginners who just want to start hacking.


The μHack's I/O ports are very flexible and most pins can be used for multiple purposes. With a total of 12 digital I/O pins (out of which 4 have PWM capability and 8 have Analog Input capability), the μHack packs a punch in a very small form-factor. The μHack has various common communication ports such as SPI and I2C. You can also connect UART devices using a Software Serial Library (included by default in the ezHackStudio, or download the SoftwareSerial Library if you prefer to program it with the Arduino IDE). The pins stack with the booster packs with very short pin headers, so the full system is still pretty small when stacked up.


To make hardware programming more intuitive and easy-to-use, we've developed the ezHackStudio, a cross-platform block-diagram based programming application that lets you drag and drop various functional blocks into the workspace. Once you're ready with your block diagram, you can either hit the Code > Convert button to see what your diagram looks like in C code or just go ahead and upload it to your μHack (or μHack+). This makes the ezHackStudio great for you whether you want to learn hardware programming or if you just want to get it working.

The ezHackStudio supports simple functions, complex functions, various hardware interfaces and all of our booster packs! Ever wanted to make a complex temperature controller or a PID controller to balance a robot on 2 wheels? Well, the ezHackStudio has blocks like the PID block and IMU interface block which makes your job a lot easier! Just make a diagram of your project's logic and let the ezHackStudio do the tedious coding for you!

The μHack and μHack+ are also Arduino compatible, so if you prefer to program it old-school with the Arduino IDE, go ahead! By default, both the micro-controllers come with Arduino bootloaders programmed into them, so you can program them with Arduino C out of the box. Ofcourse, you could also use Atmel's AVR Studio to program them.

If you're using the μHack, just plug in the USB programmer booster pack, hook it up to your computer (whether you run Windows, Mac OS X or Linux!) and start hacking!

The μHack+ has a built-in micro-USB port, so you don't even need a programmer booster pack!



  • 8-bit AVR ATtiny84A Microprocessor
  • 8 kBytes Flash Memory
  • Operates at either 3.3V or 5V
  • Very low power consumption (0.06 W)
  • 12 Digital I/O pins (4 PWM)
  • 8 Analog Input pins
  • Multiple Peripheral Options (SPI, I2C, SoftSerial, SoftUSB)
  • Multiple Operating Frequencies (1 MHz, 4 MHz, 8 MHz and 20 MHz)
  • Program with the USB Programmer booster pack
  • Ultra-small form factor (0.7" x 0.7")


  • 8-bit AVR ATmega32U4 Microprocessor
  • 32 kBytes Flash Memory
  • Operates at either 3.3V or 5V
  • 24 Digital I/O pins (8 PWM)
  • 12 Analog Input pins
  • Operates at 16MHz Clock Frequency
  • Built-in micro-USB port for programming
  • Small Form Factor (1.4" x 0.7")


We've developed a lot of awesome booster packs to get you all kinds of cool functionality for your projects without the need for a spaghetti of wires. We've separated the booster packs into 2 levels, to make the choice of your booster packs when choosing a reward easier.


  • Bluetooth Module - Add Bluetooth connectivity to your projects without compromising power consumption with the BLE 4.0 booster pack.
  • XBee Adapter - Love the power and flexibility of Digi XBee modules? Use the XBee adapter booster pack to connect any XBee module (RF, Wifi or Bluetooth) to the μHack and μHack+.
  • Bluetooth Module - Add Bluetooth connectivity to your projects without compromising power consumption with the BLE 4.0 booster pack.
  • Motor Driver - Whether you want to control a stepper motor or 2 DC motors, this booster does it for you! Just stack it on and connect your motor and battery wires to the booster pack and you're good to go!
  • 9DOF IMU - This is probably the easiest...
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