Student by day, tinkerer by night

Dundalk, Ireland
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Things I've Built

Battery box

For all your powering needs! Includes 20Ah of SLA batteries, a 5V 1A regulator plus a 220V converter. Everything in an sealed ammo box.

50W Beam Light

With a 50W LED module, a boost power supply and a LiPo battery.

433MHz Beacon

Using an ATTiny microcontroller and a radio module, I built small trackers that could be included in model rockets, and then tracked down using a directional antenna. I actually used this in my Rocket Data Logger (see project page).

Bluetooth Speakers

3D printed case, CNC milled face plate, battery salvaged from a laptop. Mainly just a pretext to play with the school's CNC mill.

Raspberry Pi Car Sound Effects

Using a Raspberry Pi and some buttons, I made a V8 sound machine for a huge parade bicycle we made in a shape of a big Hummer. We actually won a prize with that!

Rocket Engines

Sugar and KNO3, but pretty much each and everyone blew up.

Wooden Boombox

Goes back a looong time! I threw that together using some perfboards, TDA2003's, car speakers and a nice painted wooden box!

Power Supplies

Nothing too special, Nixie PSUs, Flyback Drivers, ...

Supercap Charger

A small, automated supercapacitor charger, using a microcontroller to monitor the voltage, a car relay and an analog dial for setting the voltage. I may do a project page someday...

Hybrid tube amp

Based on that design: I still have to make a nice case for it!

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