Breadboard Persistence of Vision

This is an educational public domain design developed for educators in the UK.

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The Persistence of Vision @ShrimpingIt layout is an Arduino-compatible project to build a high-impact playful design for a digitally controlled LED display derived from the Shrimp layout featured at and just adding a few pennies-worth of components.

The POV paints letters and icons onto your retina by waving a column of LEDs which flash in a timed sequence. You can build in minutes by pushing components into solderless breadboard, or solder it to stripboard for a more permanent project.

Using just 8 LEDs it paints text and simple icons in the air. In workshops, people can build and personalise the device with their own text and graphical designs.

See the POV project page at for all the detail.

Once built, you can work with learners to design bitmap icons on graph paper, and display the icon on your POV circuit, learning binary along the way., as shown in the smilie icon image.

@ShrimpingIt documents Arduino-compatible projects, runs workshops and sells kits below retail, introducing materials such as solderless breadboard for learners to prototype and deploy their own digitally-controlled devices. There's even an O'Reilly Make: book !

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    See details of the layout including build instructions, and BOM whether self-sourcing or buying bagged kits at

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