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This user joined on 10/29/2017.

Things I've Built

3D Printed Smartphone Holder

I'm amazed of capabilities of 3D printing. Everyday I'm discovering new features of it. And up to week ago was thinking that, 3D printing it's just amazing technology for makers, artists and so on.

RC Tank With a Moving FPV Camera

At the beginning I build only RC tank without FPV camera but when I was driving it in the house I have not seen where it is. So I came up with that I will add to it the camera mounted on a 2 servos.

Bugbot Bluetooth Controlled Micro Robot

Bugbot is small bluetooth conrolled robot. It's very fast


If you had ever made a video with any type of camera even with your cell phone you propably know how important is lighting. If you had ever work in dark place you also know that good light is necessary.

DIY Bike Tachometer

I will show you how to build a bike speedometer. It shows your speed, the average speed,the temperature, the trip time and the total distance. You can change it using the button. Additionally, the speed is shown on a tachometer.

Object Tracking Robot - FollowBot

Few weeks ago I thought to make robot that can track object with android phone. At the beginning I searched about it in google. I found some articles but none had source code of android app.

DIY Arduino Controlled Egg-Bot

I will show you how to make your own Egg-Bot controlled with Arduino. I wanted to make it before but I thought it is too hard for me but I was wrong. It's easy to build so for sure everyone can do it.

555 Useless Machine

Almost every project that I made in my life use arduino or just atmegas, but on last electronic lesson in my school I found small integrated circuit called 555. I have heard about it before but I was thinking that microcontrollers are better.

3D Printed Snake Robot

When I got my 3D printer I started to think what can I make with it. I printed a lot of things but I wanted to make a whole construction using 3D printing. Then I thought about making robot animal.

Bluetooth Voice Controlled Moving Lamp

Bluetooth and voice control, this two topics are close to each other when it comes to Arduino. A lot of people want to make something with bluetooth, and some of them want to use voice control.

Fidget Spinning Robot

Everyone know what is a fidget spinner. A lot of you might have one. I also have one and I spined for some time. But now I get bored of it and I thought that I can make a robot that will spin it for me.

3D Printed Water Pump

For some time I really enjoy making usefull working things with 3D printer, like my bike smartphone holder or when I fixed my fridge or even my Ludwik drone. I was quite bored few days ago so I thought let's try to design a working water pump!

Arduino Drone | Quadcopter (3D Printed)

Some time ago (over 8 months) I was thinking about what I can build. I wanted to make an interesting robot/device that will be challenge for me and will encourage me to learn new things.

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